Tiffy Gerhardt is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Unit. She is portrayed by American actress Abby Brammell.

She is the wife of Mack Gerhardt, and she and her husband have two daughters.

The character is portrayed as having a complicated and very much strained relationship with her husband Mack. In particular, Tiffy is a serial adulterer, often having affairs with other men, most notably her husband's superior officer Colonel Tom Ryan. Because of this, her marriage with her husband is strained with Mack occasionally reacting with physical violence upon learning of his wife's adulterous affairs. However, when she attempted to exploit this by slashing her face with a razor blade, she is told by fellow army wife Molly Blane to simply divorce her husband (in part because Tiffy had lied to Molly about ending her affair with Tom Ryan, and had been caught by another army wife, Kim Brown entering a motel to have sex with the Colonel.) She worked at a strip club for sometime to pay the bills.

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