Directed by Scott Norwood
Produced by Scott Norwood
Jeremiah Kaynor
Written by Raphael Carlo
Narrated by Kurt Kelly
Starring Kurt Kelly
Alder Sherwood
Cinematography Jorge Suarez
Editing by Johnny Broderson
Armond Lara
Daryel Lee
Scott Norwood
Distributed by Seminal Films
Release date(s) August 2009
Running time 72 minutes
Country Template:FilmUS
Language English
Budget $33,000

Timetravel_0 is an American 2009 independent feature length docudrama written by Raphael Carlo and directed by Scott Norwood.


Norwood, with executive producer Alder Sherwood, have been interviewed across the glob, including Coast to Coast AM, for their contributions in bringing this subject to light, as Titor left a wake of followers behind since 2001 that believe he was from the future.


The docudrama follows Cris McCarthy as she explores the urban web legend of John Titor, a man that claimed to be from 2036, and who created a world-wide following of believers, leaving a wave of change throughout humankind, before vanishing.

McCarthy searches for evidence of time travel and John Titor's predictions of a massive civil war. During the process. McCarthy's work is investigated by authorities and eventually confiscated by the government.

Partial castEdit

  • Kurt Kelly as Narrator
  • Alder Sherwood as Cris McCarthy
  • Laura Hunter as Dr. Cho
  • Lisa Coronado as Kex
  • Damyn Draeko as Toro 2
  • Jennifer Russell as Pam
  • Brian Forrest as Historian
  • Sean O'Dea as Professor
  • Jeremiah Kaynor as Scott
  • Dixi Lee as Teresa
  • Steven J. Canonica as Physics Professor
  • Nylah Watson as Kaylee

Festivals & distributionEdit

  • Gig Harbor Film Festival
  • American Artist Film Festival
  • Seattle True Independent Film Festival
  • Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival
Seminal Films, an E1 Entertainment distributed label, has signed for the distribution rights.


Awards & nominationsEdit

  • 2009, won 'Best Domestic World Premier' at the Washougal International Film Festival
  • 2009, won 'Award of Merit for Documentary' at the Accolade Film Festival
  • 2009, won 'Award of Merit for Film 'at the Accolade Film Festival


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