Toothpick Man is a fictional character who appeared in the final seasons of the popular TV series, The X-Files. He is played by Alan Dale.

His role was the leader of the new syndicate. Although he appeared human, he was exposed to be an alien by Gibson Praise in the final episode (albeit the viewing audience was earlier shown the characteristic alien bumps on the back of his neck at the end of the Season 9 episode "Providence"). Toothpick Man was created to replace the Cigarette Smoking Man, who had been written out at the end of Season 7; his idiosyncrasy of toying with a toothpick may have an ironic reference to ex-smokers using toothpicks for similar purposes, of a toothpick "replacing" a cigarette. He had access to the president of the USA, as can be seen in a deleted scene of the final episode.


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