"Top Klan" is a Moon Man single produced by Excalibur624. It one of several Moon Man remixes of "Erectyle Dysfunction" by Pink Guy. It appears on the mixtape More Than One Way to Skin a Nigger. Sun Man is an antagonistic guest rapper in the song.

Lyrics Edit

Moonman, Moonman Top klansman in the room Sweeping niggers like a broom Minorities be facing their doom Eating kike babies out of the womb Get their asses in the courtroom Corpses in the back room There ain't no stopping the Klan 'Cause we've got a master plan Dumping spics in the trashcan Whiter than a snowman You can call me the boogeyman Or maybe even Superman You bet I'm real high rank I got some money in the bank Wiping out jews like a tank I'm the Titanic that never sank Making spics walk the plank Got nobody to thank You bet this ain't a prank You fuckers better shape up I'll drink your blood out of a cup Got some klansmen is back up Niggers ain't gonna grow up

[Sunman] Moonman, Moonman The KKK are such madness They'll leave you in the darkness I'm sure they're gonna betray you Leaving you feeling blue I'm telling you to stop Or you'll get shot by a cop You're gonna regret it Don't be doing this stupid shit

Nigger who asked you to come? Now go run home to your mum Like the coward you are I'll put your head in a jar

[Sunman] This is your last warning The KKK aren't your friends They're gonna be your end

These spooks telling lies Look me straight in the eyes Now here's some advice Just get the fuck out and get yourself Like every nigger should Now get outta my neighborhood And make sure you leave for good Or you'll be dead where you stood Just go back to your daycare And shave yourself ugly bear The Three K are superior All spearchuckers are inferior You're gonna see that we'll rule And make minorities go back to school So don't fuck with the Top Klan Or you're gonna get lynched by the Man And it's Moonman, Moonman And it ain't Mac Tonight, that's for sure