This article describes the TransWarp drive in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. See Warp drive for the transwarp drive in the fictional Star Trek universe.

The TransWarp drive allows a player to travel between distant sectors in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe. It uses three units of fuel ore per hop. The three ships that can accommodate a TransWarp drive are the Corporate Flagship, Imperial StarShip, and Havoc GunStar. Imperial StarShips can TransWarp directly into FedSpace.

Planets with Level 4 Citadels also have TransWarp capabilities. However, at a cost of 400 fuel ore per hop, frequent moves are not practical. If a player can place friendly fighters in a sector containing enemy planets, it is possible to destroy those enemy planets by building several planets up to Level 4 and then TransWarping them into the enemy sector, causing planetary collisions. This is also a way to fill a sector with massive amounts of debris, making passage dangerous.

Atomic fusion is a ship-destroying phenomenon that occurs when a player blind-warps into a non-empty sector. Marker beacons and Limpet mines are a common cause of atomic fusion. Even a fully-loaded StarShip can be destroyed by one false jump.

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