Transformice logo
Developer(s) Tigrounette
Publisher(s) Tigrounette
Engine Box2D (physics)
Version 0.48
Platform(s) Adobe Flash Player 10
Release date(s) May 1, 2010
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Multiplayer
System requirements Adobe Flash Player 9.0+
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse

Transformice (or TM) is a multiplayer platformer game, where the player controls a mouse whose goal is to try and return with the cheese faster than all of the other Mice. The players are assisted by a Shaman, who has the ability to summon various physics-based objects to help the mice get the cheese and get back safely to the mouse hole. This new online minigame is created by Tigrounette, the author of Aaaah!, Froteresse, Bouboum and Dead Meat. It is a game written in Flash using Actionscript 3.0 and the flash-port of Box2D.


File:Transformice gameplay.PNG

The gameplay consists of mice as player characters, in a variety of maps. The players' goal in each map is to collect the cheese, which is placed somewhere on the map, and bring it back to their mouse hole, also somewhere on the map. As mice, players have basic controls to duck, jump, and move horizontally as well as more advanced techniques including wall jumping, air jumping, and moon walking. After completing maps, players earn new titles and are awarded cheese as the in-game currency. This currency can be used by the player to purchase a variety of decorative items to add a personal appearance to his/her in-game mouse "avatar". At this time it is not possible to trade items or currency to other players in the game.

Many maps have complex puzzles involved that can only be solved with the help of a powerful Shaman, who is determined every round based on highest scores. The Shaman is a mouse distinguished from the others with various markings on his fur and a feather on his head. Along with the other mouse controls, it has more advanced controls and the ability to summon physics objectsScript error assigned to the map. At times, it must overcome an otherwise insurmountable obstacle to clear a path to the cheese for the other mice.

Mice TitlesEdit

Mice Titles are achieved by either the accumulation of Cheese in the player's profile, or by the number of times the player has reached the goal faster than anyone else on a level.



Transformice can trace its beginnings back to April 2008, when Tigrounette released Aaaah!, a game with similar mechanics. In Aaaah!, players controlled stick figures and navigated through a dark, silhouette-based map to reach a pharmacy. One player, with the most points, would be designated as a "guide" and was supposed to help the other players reach the pharmacy by drawing a path. Players could press the spacebar to scream loudly and push away any nearby characters. Like Transformice, it had a similar online room system, but does not have an English translation. Aaaah! does, however, feature a map editor, which spawned a rather large community of custom map makers.


Aaaah! was followed by a much closer ancestor to Transformice called Fish. Fish was a short-lived flash game that was effectively an early prototype of Transformice. Instead of mice looking for cheese, there were fish trying to get back into a water bowl. The fish, however, had the unfortunate tendency to slide all over the place. Like Aaaah!, it featured multiplayer gameplay with a guide who was supposed to help the fish to the fishbowl. However, instead of drawing a path to the objective, the guide in Fish had to place physical objects in the world. In addition, the guide had no physical presence and could place objects anywhere on the map.

The objects available were very similar to the ones in Transformice. All the Transformice base objects, plus some additional ones (notably an Up Cannon gift in the first versions of Transformice) were available to the guide in Fish. Unlike Transformice, Fish listed all of the available anchors in the object pool, and did not have as many anchors available as Transformice does. In addition, the Guide had the ability to stop time for a few seconds, which made placing objects much easier without having to worry about the hopping fish. Interestingly, the fish always started on the bottom left and had to reach a bowl on the top right.


Fish was online for a few months before closing pending the release of Transformice. Transformice refined the basic concepts introduced in Fish, changing the objective to grabbing cheese and getting back to a hole, with a shaman that had a physical presence and limited powers. Several updates to the game added battle stages for shaman, an item shop, and several other small additions. Most importantly, Transformice added an English translation of the game, which, combined with a viral video about the game, allowed a much larger audience to enjoy it.


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