"Tumblr" is an anti-Tumblr song that Moon Man recorded for his White AmeriKKKa EP.

Lyrics Edit

You spend days in your room to look perfect on the surface Penetrating the game on its cervix is my service Lines naturally come out of my mind and end up looking like bad cursive As they juggle knives for a deadly purpose, entertaining service, recursive Ever since I wrote Rob's first, I knew I'd write perfect verses I dial up words, but they're not in service

It's a list of rules that to this day holds lots of relevance Fuck parents, faggots, and the feminists Reminiscent of stupid feminists, hover around me 'Cause I kill women with a lawnmower Pay attention to the guy with no attention 'Cause he'll be a stalker or a loner Then throatfuck the allies and feminists Speeches about terrorism therefore building settlements

Gold letter man last kings killing shit Now my eyes chinese, keep the loud lit Not for attention, for killing, I'm quite gifted Ambitions of life living Explosion even killing the Starbucks liberals Even though some cocksuckers are living in ignorance Like when I used to be killing I only got one rule, no kissing Killing like every single beat Me and my peeps often meet Pumping babies from teen ladies I'm killing off all the niggers Who didn't really care to see Or give a damn if she started brutally killing ever nigger I see It's bleach time, lean fucking killing machine Five hundred dollars on some shoes you ain't ever seen These Tumblr feminists are becoming prejudiced against the men Who have always been there for them Fighting in wars, doing chores, fucking whores, guarding shores But also the emos complain about the life they're given Acting like they don't want to be livin' They are on Tumblr saying they want to die But everyone on Tumblr, please go and die I you all get killed, please