Turkey City Writer's Workshop is a peer-to-peer, professional science fiction writer's workshop in Texas modeled after the east coast Milford Writer's Workshop, first formed in the early 1970s and still ongoing today.[1] The workshop "was a cradle of cyberpunk"[2] where many of the practitioners of what would become cyberpunk first met.[3]

Tom Reamy was one of its original founding members from that era. Bruce Sterling was one of the youngest members of the workshop when he joined it in 1973.[4][5] Harlan Ellison "discovered" Sterling at Turkey City and arranged for the publication of his first novel.[4] Writers who have attended Turkey City include Ted Chiang, Paul Di Filippo, Cory Doctorow, Andy Duncan, George Alec Effinger, Mark Finn, Steven Gould, Eileen Gunn, Leigh Kennedy, John Kessel, Rick Klaw, Raph Koster, George R. R. Martin, Maureen McHugh, Paul O. Miles, Chris Nakashima-Brown, Chad Oliver, Lawrence Person, Tom Reamy, Jessica Reisman, Chris Roberson, Lewis Shiner, Lou Antonelli, John Shirley, Bruce Sterling, Lisa Tuttle, Steven Utley, Jeff VanderMeer[6], Howard Waldrop, Don Webb, Martha Wells, and Connie Willis, among others.[1]

The workshop also compiled the "The Turkey City Lexicon," a collection of terms used when discussing recurring SF writing tropes.[2][7] This guide for writers has been used and adapted by other writers workshops, both within and outside the science fiction genre.[8][9] Robert J. Sawyer has described the document as the "mother of all workshopping vocabularies."[10]

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