Two Blue Lines
Directed by J.C. Monaghan
Produced by J.C. Monaghan, Sarah White, Audu Obaje
Written by J.C. Monaghan
Starring Emily Jane Conlon
Joe Grimsley
Conor Byrne
Jasmine Wilson
Music by Moby, Shohan Cagle
Cinematography J.C. Monaghan
Distributed by Monaghan Media
Release date(s) United Kingdom:
September 1, 2010 (2010-09-01)
Running time 22 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £4000

Two Blue Lines is a short drama film written and directed by J.C. Monaghan. It is to be released in October 2010.

Plot Edit

The film follows Emma Carter, a 16-year-old girl who accidentally get's pregnant by her boyfriend Danny West, also 16. Emma doesn't know who to turn to. She eventually and misguidedly turns to her best friend at school Kirsty. It is later revealed that Kirsty has told some people at school and the pregnancy is now talk of the school. After a confrontation on the way home from school Emma confides in he protective big brother Adam, who - though initially not - is very down-to-earth and helpful.

Emma tells her dad and then she tells Danny, though Danny is supportive on the surface, he's terrified underneath, and this is revealed in a monologue scene featuring all of the main cast. Each of the main cast deliver a monologue from the same chair in a shadowy space lit by stage lights and smothered in smoke. Each of the characters' monologues are cut up into one another.

Danny finally Emma that he doesn't want to be a parent, and that he and Emma are not nearly qualified enough to take care of a child, not only that, but their relationship is over. Emma is heart-broken. Danny tells her that she should look into getting an abortion.

A few days later Danny regrets being so harsh, he confides in his best friend Steve that he has been thinking about his future and that he would like to share it with a child. Danny calls Emma to tell her this, but she is already at the hospital waiting to get an abortion. Danny tries to explain his view but Emma refuses to listen to him. Danny overhears the name of the hospital from a background tannoy announcement and desperately tries to get there, as he struggles to find his way to the hospital Emma is sat unsure in the waiting room. Off screen a nurse calls Emma's name, she hesitantly looks up. The film ends with that shot.[1]

Production Edit

The film began development in January 2009[2] with Producer Sarah White and J.C. Monaghan meeting regularly to discuss it. Funding was acquired in March 2009 through the Lizard's Lounge project, a joint enterprise between the NHS and Stockport Youth Service to fund projects (not necessarily film projects) around teenage pregnancy and sexual health.

J.C. Monaghan wrote a script and open Auditions were held in the historic Stockport Hatworks building in July 09, and the film was shot in the first six days of August 2009.[3]

Later the production team decided that it was necessary to significantly reshoot the ending to the film, and this was done in October 2009. Some further pickup shots were shot near Easter, a few weeks before it was first screened for the Executive Producers.

Release Edit

Two Blue Lines is to be released and distributed by Monaghan Media, the first film to be handled by the company. The film will be distributed online to individuals and also on disk to schools, and youth-centres across the nation.

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