Tyrant (タイラント Tairanto?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman Taro.Tyrant appeared in Episodes 40. He is one the most popular monsters in the series.

Subtitle: Tyrant Monster (暴君怪獣 Bōkun Kaijū?).

Ultraman Taro Edit

Stats Edit

Height: 62m Weight: 57,000 tons

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength: Tyrant is tremendously strong, and was able to overpower Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack and Ultraman Ace in physical combat. Combined with the knife and mace tipped arms it had, Tyrant's strength turned Tyrant's blows into deadly bludgeoning forces. It was strong enough to go toe to toe with Ultraman Taro, but was ultimately defeated when Taro caught its whip arm, severed it, and turned the severed weapon against it.
  • Super Durability: Tyrant shows incredible resistance against injury. It was oblivious to temperature extremes on the different planets it visited, the vast amounts of Specium energy on Mars where it battled Ace, and seemingly could easily withstand blows from Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack and Ace with little injury. It could only be harmed by Taro, who used his horns' Blue Laser to burn through its whip-like Baraba arm before converting the severed whip into the Taro Lance, an energy lance that speared Tyrant, killing him.
  • Energy Absorption:Possessing Bemstar's torso granted Tyrant the ability to absorb and remain unharmed from Jack's Specium Ray and Ace's Metallium Ray.
  • Flamethrower: Tyrant could spew flames from his mouth intense enough to injure Ace.
  • Lasers: Tyrant could fire small needlelike beams from the Baraba Arms it has, using them to disable the Ultra Signs the Ultra Brothers sent into Space.
  • Gas expulsion: Tyrant could emit an explosive, high pressure gas from its Bemstar chest to incapitate Ultraseven.

Parts Edit

History Edit

Tyrant was created by the combined spirits of several monsters that were defeated in the past by the Ultra Brothers. After leaving the Ultra Graveyard and heading to Earth, Tyrant flew off and landed on the planet's surface of Nepture, Zoffy was the first to attempt to stop Tyrant only to be easily defeated by the chimera monster's combined strength. From then on, Tyrant would face off against the other Ultra Brothers on the other planets that were to come after Nepture... Ultraman on Uranus, Ultraseven on Saturn, Ultraman Jack on Jupiter, and Ultraman Ace on Mars, and like Zoffy they were all met by Tyrant's superior strength and were beaten down with ease by the behemoth all while ZAT was tracking the monster's movements from their base.

Luckily, Ace was able to emit an Ultra Sign to warn ZAT and Ultraman Taro of the coming monster's pressence. Finally Tyrant arrived in Japan and carried out it's vengeance, quickly causing nothing but chaos and destruction. ZAT was quick to attack but was not enough to match Tyrant's strength. Kotaro turning into Ultraman Taro shortly after and the two fought. Shockingly, whether it was from exhaustion from fighting the Other Brothers, Earth's atmosphere, or Taro's natural strength, Tyrant was of little match for the hero and was destroyed after his grappling hook was energized and thrown back at him.

The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army Edit

This monster reappeared in the movie The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army.

Awoken by a mad scientist's experiments in Thailand, Tyrant (as well as four other monsters whom were awakened) went on a rampage until they faced the Ultra Brothers and Hanuman. Unlike the other monsters, Tyrant was killed when the mad scientist's facilities blew up, catching the monster on fire before exploding.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

Tyrant reappears in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

Tyrant was Grande's first monster to appear in the show, but already was a brute. Initially, Gomora and Tyrant were evenly matched, but possibly due to Grande having the superior Battlenizer, Tyrant began to overpower Gomora with his superior size and strength. Gomora used his Super Osicllatory Ray against the Chimaera-like kaiju, but it was absorbed into his chest mouth, leaving Tyrant unharmed.

Rei recalled Gomora and summoned another of his monsters, Eleking. Eleking, like Gomora, suffered a beatdown, but eventually managed to get his long tail wrapped around Tyrant, and began surge electricity into his foe. However, Tyrant forced Eleking off with his ear darts and continued his assault.

Seeing the gravity of the situation, the ZAP Spacy sent their planes out to assist Eleking. However, that inadvertently led to the aquatic monsters death. While the plane's assaults were initially successful, Tyrant then fired a volley of ear darts towards the jets. At that moment, Eleking performed the ultimate sacrifice, and despite its injuries took the blow for the jets. Tyrant than struck Eleking with his hook, mortally wounding Eleking.

Tyrant's demise Edit

After Rei's recovery, his Battlenizer suddenly received an upgrade to the Neo Battlenizer. With this new device, Rei summoned Gomora, who proved more powerful this time, and overpowered Tyrant. Tyrant attempted to choke him with his chest gas, but Gomora quickly recovered and continued viciously attacking Tyrant.

Tyrant fired a powerful stream of flames from its throat, but Gomora countered it with a Super Oscillatory Ray, even winning the clash of attacks. Rei then summoned Litora who blasted a flaming sillohuette of herself down Tyrant's chest mouth, locking it. To finish the monster off Gomora jammed his horn down Tyrant's chest and fired a Super Oscillatory Ray down it, causing Tyrant to explode in a magnificent fireball

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Tyrant is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He was killed by Zero in the final battle. He survived the longest of all the monsters.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution series Edit

Tyrant appears thoroughly throughout the video games in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series as a playable character, starting in number 2.

He does however play a much bigger role in the story mode in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. The first time he is seen, Tyrant was attacking a city until Ultraman Taro appeared to stop him and eventually Taro manages to defeat Tyrant once again. Later, Alien Mephilas and Alien Baltan are experimenting with several monsters on earth, transforming them into "EX monsters." Tyrant is one of the monsters who was transformed into EX Tyrant and Ultraman Taro returns to face him again, this time on the moon. Ultraman Taro manages to defeat EX Tyrant, but the vengeful spirits that create Tyrant refuse to die so easily and Tyrant transforms into his skeletal form, EX Tyrant II. However in the end, Taro prevails and EX Tyrant II dies again.

Towards the end of the story mode, Alien Mephilas revives EX Tyrant in his first from to fight against Ultraman Cosmos to test his strength. Ultimately, Cosmos defeats EX Tyrant.

Much like the other monster counterparts who were given EX forms. EX Tyrant greatly differed from his original appearance:

  • As EX Tyrant, Tyrant retains most of his chimera-like body parts of separate monsters. However his body is more centaurian-like and he is twice the size of an actual Ultraman. His legs in this mode are both Red King's and Gomora's legs separate as a whole to make up his centuarian body and he is given Geronimon's head feathers as a head piece. His left-handed Mace hand is now chain-linked that can be retracted and used as a ball-and-chain weapon. His right-handed Axe hand is also nearly quadrupled in size, almost matching EX Tyrant's own height.
  • As EX Tyrant II, Tyrant's body is modeled after his original appearance but now he is a giant skeleton of his former self, possessed by the vengeful spirits of the monsters he was created from. Strangely enough, He keeps the gigantic-sized mace and axe hands that he has as his first EX Tyrant form.

Trivia Edit

  • Tyrant is the kaiju to have defeated the most Ultras in one episode, with a record of-breaking 5.
  • Tyrant is the new leader and main antagonist on Twisted Kaiju Theater.
  • Tyrant is the only monster with two separate EX forms.

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