UAV is a PC based video game created by independent game designer Cody Borst. It is built using the Blender Game Engine(BGE). The goal of the game as described in the game "Welcome to UAV! Your goal is to test pilot our brand new unmanned aerial vehicle. Make your way to the floating blue rings and go through them to collect Wisps. Take your Wisps to the marked scoring zone to rack up points. You have 100 seconds to claim as many Wisps as you can. Watch out for the red Laser Towers they will toast you with their beams of death.". The game it self has a clean Si-Fi feel to it, with a very basic concept. The game is still in development, and is expected to release Summer 2010.

Main Menu Edit

On the Main Menu you will find three options Play, Help and Quit. 'Play' plays the game, 'Help' will bright up a dialog box explaining the game and controls, and 'Quit' will quit the game and take you back to Windows.

"Controls: Use the WASD keys to move in the respective direction. Turn your camera with the left and right arrow keys. Adjust your altitude with the up and down arrow keys." -Help menu from the game. You can also use the 'R' key to reset the game. In addition you can use W and S or Up arrow and Down arrow for menu navigation, to select anything in the menu use Space Bar or the Enter key.

Objects Edit

Towers are the only things in the game that can kill you other than time, they have lasers that slowly track you and every few seconds they will over charge at witch point if you are in the way of the laser you will die. In addition to getting shot by Towers if you bump into one of the Towers you will also die. There are only two Towers in the game, sitting on each side of the Scoring Zone.

Rings are spread all around the map, the first part of your job is to fly through these Rings. Once you go through one it will disappear and will produce a Wisp.

Wisps are small blue orbs that appear after you go through a Ring. They will follow you where ever you go, You can have as many Wisps following you as you want. When you feel you have enough Wisps you can take them to the Scoring Zone.

The Scoring Zone is where you will take your Wisps. Every time you enter the Scoring Zone all the Wisps that are following you will disappear and your score will increase by the number of Wisps that were following you.

Bio-luminescent Plants One thing that is not explained in the game is the odd bio-luminescent plants that appear by the Scoring Zone. You can get a different colored plants when you get 10, 20, 30, and 40 Wisps collected.

Your HUD is used to display information about the game. In the top right corner you will see your score, this will increase every time you collect a Wisp. In the top left corner is your time, you have 100 seconds till it runs out. There is also a blue arrow that is around your UAV, this will always point toward the Scoring Zone.

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