The UCW United Championship.

The UCW United Championship is the top professional wrestling title in the West Texas-based promotion United Championship Wrestling on its Friday Night Brand. It was established in 2006 at UCW's Special "UCW Goes Vegas Show" held in Las Vegas, Nevada, with Otis Boring becoming the first champion after being awarded the title by UCW Friday Night General Manager Raul Serbantez.

Title historyEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Otis Boring 1 June 26, 2006 Las Vegas, NV Was Awarded the title by Friday Night General Manager Raul Serbantez to become the first champion.
Dale Matlock 1 November 22, 2006 Brownfield, TX This title change took place at the historic 19th annual UCW ThanksGiving event.
Otis Boring 2 January 6, 2007 Brownfield, TX
Will Baker 1 June 9, 2007 Tahoka, TX This title change took place at the annual TWA "One Night Stand" event.
Big Rey 1 July 21, 2007 Lubbock, TX
Will Fewin 1 November 21, 2007 Lubbock, TX This title change took place at the annual ThanksGiving XX event.
Will Baker 2 May 17, 2008 Dallas, TX
Otis Boring 3 July 12, 2008 Brownfield, TX This was a Career vs. Career Match.

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