Four USS Intrepid starships appear in the Star Trek television franchise: a 23rd century starship from Star Trek: The Original Series's "The Immunity Syndrome", a 24th century starship mentioned in Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Sins of the Father" and "Redemption, Part I", and a 24th century starship mentioned in Star Trek Nemesis.

Additionally, an Intrepid, without the "USS" prefix, appears in Star Trek: Enterprise's "The Expanse", "Twilight", and "Storm Front, Part II". The ship is commanded by Captain Ramirez.

Constitution-class shipEdit

The USS Intrepid, crewed exclusively by Vulcans, is destroyed by a gigantic space-faring amoeba near the Gamma 7A System in "The Immunity Syndrome". This ship is not seen on-screen, but The Star Trek Encyclopedia identifies it as a Constitution-class ship with the registry NCC-1831.[1]

Excelsior-class shipEdit

According to "Redemption, Part I", the Excelsior-class USS Intrepid was the first starship to respond to the distress call from the Klingon Khitomer outpost. The crew rescued Worf, one of only two survivors of the attack, who was later adopted by enlisted crewman Sergey Rozhenko and his wife. The Star Trek Encyclopedia gives its registry as NCC-38907.[1]

Later referencesEdit

  • The Star Trek Encyclopedia speculates about the existence of a third USS Intrepid that would have been the lead ship for the Intrepid class.[1]
  • A USS Intrepid is mentioned in the episode "Force of Nature" but not seen.


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