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The USS Saratoga is a fictional starship in the science fiction television series Space: Above and Beyond. The Saratoga is the home base for the 58th Marine Fighter Squadron.

General information Edit

USS Saratoga (SCVN-2812) is the 13th ship of the John F. Kennedy (SCVN-2800)-class space carriers. Saratoga was built by Aero-Tech Space Division in the James Lovell Orbital Assembly Facility. Other Kennedy-class carriers mentioned or seen in the series include USS Colin Powell (SCVN-2801), USS Yorktown (SCVN-2802 ) and the ill-fated USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (SCVN-2807). Yorktown was the former base of the 127th "Angry Angels" Squadron and was badly damaged in the initial engagement with the Chigs, while the Eisenhower was ambushed by a Chig fleet and completely destroyed.

The Saratoga is commanded by Commodore Glenn Ross, and carries numerous squadrons of Hammerheads and other combat aircraft. It also carries a number of ISSCV transport vehicles and serve as a landing platform for Marine infantry combat operations. Saratoga also carries a large contingent of Marines.

The hull code SCVN stands for Space Multi-purpose Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear-Propulsion)

Technical specifications Edit

File:SAAB - USSSaratoga fires laser pulse cannons.jpg

The Saratoga, while carrying the SA-43 Hammerheads, also has weapons enabling it for combat. It primarily uses its lasers for short range combat against Chig fighters and missiles. Saratoga is also armed with a particle cannon as well as missile launchers for long-range combat, planetary bombardment as well as ship to ship engagement.[1]

Weapons Edit

  • 1 Kinetic particle weapon
  • 4 50 MW Laser pulse cannons
  • 6 300 MW Laser pulse cannons
  • 2 450 MW Laser pulse cannons
  • 1 1.2 GW Laser pulse cannon
  • 2 Phalanx II missile launchers
  • 72 Torpedo launchers[2]

Air Wings Edit

  • 168 SA-43 Hammerhead Fighters
  • 16 AT-72 Stingray Recon Planes
  • 8 B-290 Barracuda Fighter/Bombers
  • 4 SWAC Space-borne Warning and Control Vehicles
  • 12 ISSAPC Inter Solar System Armoured Personnel Carriers
  • 24 SSRT Sub-Orbital Short-Range Transports[2]

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