In Magic: The Gathering, Ulgrotha is a plane of Dominia. Ulgrotha was the setting of the Homelands expansion. The word Ulgrotha means Garden.


The Great DestructionEdit

4000 years after the Brothers' War, the Tolgath (powerhungry Planeswalkers) and the Elder Ones (jealous sorcerers) warred on Ulgrotha. This war ended with the Great Destruction brought about by the planeswalker Ravi, by ringing the Apocalypse Chime.


After the Great Destruction, 1st Generation (600 years before the setting of the Homelands) the few creatures and beings who actually survived the final conflict tried to reestablish a healthy society. Nomadic human cultures appeared on the plains, forming from a tattered cross-section of the summoned people who were stranded here by the planeswalkers. Goblins and Orcs started to make their homes in the Koskun Mountains and dug through the rich soil in search of ore and gold as well as inhabitable caverns. The world is going through serious changes; violent storms are a constant, as are unpredictable weather patterns and seasons.

The coming of the dwarvesEdit

380 years before the setting of the Homelands, a colony of dwarves from another plane utilized a stable subterranean planar gate in their excavations for minerals and gems. One such expedition arrived in the depths of the mountains, where they soon established an underground city, whose name translated roughly as "New Freedom." Eventually, the Dwarves dug to the surface and began to build a great stone castle overlooking the salt marsh, both as an outpost and a tribute to their success.

The coming of Baron SengirEdit

Two planeswalkers dueled in the swamps near the uncompleted castle. When the duel was over, an ancient Vampire by the name of Baron Sengir is stranded when his wizard is banished. The Dwarves begin to explore their world by constructing half a dozen sailing vessels. When the first of these seafaring Dwarves return, they find that most of their kin who stayed have been slain or turned into undead by the Baron. He even captured the Dwarven King's daughter, Irini, and turned her into one of his Vampires. The Dwarves, beaten and demoralized, escape into the marshes and set out to build a new community far from the blight of the Vampire lord.

The coming of SerraEdit

Not long after the planeswalker Serra arrived. She encouraged peace between the various plains nomads and the foundation of the city-state of Aysen. She took on the role of protector over the people of Aysen, a role that eventually grew into a form of godhood. Meanwhile Baron Sengir constantly sent Vampires and creatures on raids against Aysen, to instill fear in the populace.

The coming of FerozEdit

240 years before the setting of Homelands the planeswalker Feroz arrived on Ulgrotha, meeting both Serra and Sandruu, a minotaur born with the planeswalking spark. Feroz and Serra fell in love and married. Feroz also founded the Wizards' School on the Floating Isle to teach the basic foundation of magic to the people of the world.

The coming of TaysirEdit

On another plane, the battlemage Ravidel lead the planeswalker Taysir to discover the budding romance between Sandruu and another planeswalker Kristina of the Woods. The jealous Taysir attacks Sandruu, and banishes him from Ulgrotha. Then Feroz defeated Taysir and banished him as well.

Feroz's BanEdit

Feroz and Serra build their home. Feroz casts a Ban over the world, a spell to protect it from the further outside plunder.

Eron becomes immortalEdit

180 years before the setting of Homelands ago a corrupt Wizard Savant of the Floating Isle, with the aid of one of the Baron's Dark Tomes, transforms Eron the Relentless, a common thief, into an immortal.

Ihsan's pleaEdit

120 years later, after an enlightening visit from Ihsan, a lord and a Paladin of Serra, Baron Sengir calls a halt to the sporadic attacks against Aysen. Without a common enemy, the peoples of Aysen begin to turn on each other.

The weakening of the BanEdit

Shortly before the events of Homelands, Feroz dies. Unknown to Serra, his death causes the Ban over the Homelands to begin a slow deterioration. It is weakened by the gateway between the planes located under Castle Sengir. Planeswalkers are seen again and the civilazations of the Homelands are again plagued by war, corruption and the predations of the Baron. Serra departs, never to return.

Denizens of UlgrothaEdit

Famous locations on UlgrothaEdit

  • An-Havva. a pioneer-settlement in the Great Wood, midway between the Koskun Mountains and Aysen
  • An-Zerrin. Town destroyed by Baron Sengir. The Folk of An-Zerrin are his undead servants
  • Anaba. Nation of Minotaurs in a hidden part of the Koskun Mountains. Sandruu was an Anaba Minotaur
  • Aysen. City-state. The cities Onella and Aysen are reigned by the Aysen Abbott who resides at his abbey.
  • Castle Sengir, home of Baron Sengir, his family, the Autocrats and the Greater Werewolves. Located above the dwarven gate.
  • the Floating Isle. Part of the Homelands that survived the Great Destruction. Refuge for the dwarves after Baron Sengir destroyed their community. Feroz started here the Wizard School of the Floating Isle.
  • the Great Sea, the sea of the Homelands. Ships that tried to cross the Great Sea never returned, because of the lack of mana outside the perimeter of the Homelands (Ghost Ships).
  • the Great Wood, the Heart of the Homelands, protected by the Autumn Willow
  • Koskun Keep. Seat of Eron the Relentless in the Koskun Mountains, near the Koskun Falls. A place of greed, wealth and politics. Inhabited by goblin families, pit-fighters, bodyguards, merchants and thieves.
  • Serra's Aviary: established as a temple for Serra as well as a place for her to visit.
  • Timmeria, notorious for its fiends

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