The Ulru-Ujurrians are a fictional race of ursine humanoids in Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth series described as bear-like and two to three times as tall and broad as a human, they are capable of either bipedal or quadrupedal locomotion. They are covered in a brown fur dotted with black and white spots. Although they are a very peaceful race, they are naturally armed with short, thick claws on their seven digits. The Ulru-Ujurrians communicate largely by telepathy which helped Philip Lynx befriend the aliens.

They are highly intelligent, but they have not yet built a civilization as defined by most sentient races in the Humanx Commonwealth. However, once introduced to the concept they were quick to catch on and started establishing their own version of civilization on their home planet of Ulru-Ujurr, a world Under Edict by the United Church. (Just for venturing on the planet's surface Flinx was opening himself to selective mind-wipe if caught by a Commonwealth Peaceforcer.)

Not having a strong technology base has not been a hindrance to the Ulru-Ujurrians; they are able to use and adapt any technology they find; this being a particular benefit for Flinx who found himself gifted with a spaceship, Teacher, which they built for him. Apparently related to their telepathic abilities, the Ulru-Ujurrians are able to teleport via their tunnel digging on their home planet, but are not restricted to just their own home, they have ventured to other planets as well by this means of traveling.

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