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Utgar, whose army is fighting to take control of the mysterious wellsprings and use their incredible power to conquer all of Valhalla. Utgar's army consists of Marro and Orcs along with soulborgs, undead, the dragon Mimring, and a scattering of other creatures and beings. He is currently the only evil general.

The MinionsEdit

The Kyrie race is the dominate sentient species on the world of Valhalla and ultimately are the source of the war now engulfing that planet in the fictional Heroscape Universe.[1] Kyrie typically appears as large humans with great wings attached to their shoulders. There are at least three distinct sub-races of Kyrie and possibly more. Kyrie technology appear consistent with Earth’s Middle Ages however there is a strong abundance of magic in Valhalla which the Kyrie have successfully harnessed into their weaponry and armor.

The Minions in the Heroscape Universe is the Kyrie faction which follows Utgar. They appear as demonic-type beings, large red-skinned humans in appearance with large black bat-like wings. The Minions make up the bulk of the Valkyrie General Utgar’s Army, even before the war began.[2]

  • Toys

Minion Sets that have appeared:

Malliddon’s Prophecy:

  • Taelord the Kyrie Warrior

Kyrie Warrior wielding a magical sword
(His bio indicates that Taelord battle eighty-three worthy warriors for two full days to earn the right to be Utgar’s second in command.)

Utgar’s Rage:

  • Minions of Utgar

Kyrie Warriors wielding magical battle axes
(Their bio indicates that this warrior society holds the strength of arms and the might of steel above all virtues. They are fearless and blind with rage in battlefield, making them some of the most feared soldiers in Utgar’s Army.)

Dawn of Darkness:

  • Runa

Kyrie Warrior wielding a sword and the Helm of Mitonsoul
(Runa's Bio indicates that she wears the Helm of Mitonsoul which has the same effect as the Glyph:Mitonsoul,the glyph's tagline being Massive Curse. She seems to have a rivalry with Raelin )

The Marro HiveEdit

The Marro race in the Heroscape Universe are formed into hive-like structures ruled by a “Hivelord”. Under the Hivelord are the Warlord Caste and serving under them is the Warrior Caste. The Drone Caste is on the bottom, only the trained Wulsinu animals ranking lower. While Marro do have a spoken language, their chittering tongue is undecipherable to outsiders, but their primary method of communication is telepathy, which every species can hear in their own language - abit inside their heads. However powerful Marro can use their telepathy to alter minds, making “allies” of former enemies. Marro are asexual and reproduce via a natural method of being "cloned" out of the Marro Hive, however some are able to clone by themselves, most easily in water.

Marro technology is organic in nature and highly advanced, taking its energy from a small plasma charged ball attached to the bottom of the weapon, sometimes taking its energy from an out side source (such as swamp water). This, coupled with their telepathic powers makes them a force to be reckoned with. They are perhaps the most powerful and sinister race in the Heroscape Universe.

  • Toys

Marro Sets that have appeared:

The Master Set: Rise of the Valkyire:

  • Ne-Gok-Sa

Marro Warlord wielding sword technobionically forged into his right hand and a shield forged to his left hand
(It is little wonder that the most vicious warlord from the planet Marro aligned himself with Utgar, the most vicious Valkyrie General. Bloodthirsty, brutal, and single-mindedly obsessed in his quest for power, Ne-Gok-Sa is never unprepared for battle; his head, arms and shoulders are implanted with permanent armor, his right hand technobionically forged into a lethal weapon.

But Ne-Gok-Sa's most fearsome power is invisible, insidious, and impossible to resist: it is the power of mind control. With this extraordinary gift that is wasted on wickedness, Ne-Gok-Sa enslaves the minds of followers and foes alike. Though the strange chittering of his native language is foreign to Valhallans, Ne-Gok-Sa gives orders telepathically, in the native tongues of his captors.)

  • Marro Warriors

Marro Clones wielding plasma guns
(Steely skeletal frames distinguish these savage predators. Mind-shackled by Ne-Gok-Sa, Marro Warriors have no thoughts or will of their own. On the battlefield they are unpredictable, wild and intimidating: they advance quickly with single-minded intent, firing furiously and for long distances with their plasma blasters. Perhaps the most powerful weapon in the Marros' arsenal is their eerie ability to clone themselves. Standing quite still for several minutes, they then literally divide in half to become two separate and fully functioning selves. The Marros clone most easily in water, but they seem to be able to do so anywhere.)

Utgar’s Rage:

  • Me-Burq-Sa

Marro Warlord riding a wulsinus horse and wielding a plasma rifle
(The viciousness of Ne-Gok-Sa could only be matched by one soulless warlord, Me-Burq-Sa. This leader commands attention as he rides in on top of this Marro horse whose skeletal body brings grimace to even the toughest soldiers in battle. Me-Burq-Sa carries a powerful plasma blaster at his side, although with his presence and daunting stare, he almost has no need for it. His stare is so powerful that sometimes his enemies cannot even muster the strength to defend themselves against his relentless attack. As with all Marro creatures Me-Burq-Sa is unpredictable on the battlefield, the only way to know his next move is to understand his bloodthirsty drive and undeniable need for power. He charges into battles at an earth shattering pace, unstoppable by most adversaries. He once even attempted to overthrow the Hivelord but was thwarted by Ne-Gok-Sa and striped of much of his defense.)

  • Marro Drones

Marro Drones wielding bladed staffs
(Within the Marro Hive, Drones are the lowest breed, nearly mindless but with great savagery. Capable of little independent thought, the Drones respond to the commands of higher caste Marro to move and fight. They are not trusted with advanced weaponry but are given the most primal of slicing weapons. At times they respond to the neural commands of their superiors and fight as a coherent unit. Many times only part of the Drone Squad responds while the rest stand by, unaware of anything.)

Orm’s Return:

  • Su-Bak-Na

Marro Hivelord riding a wulsinus dragon and wielding a bladed staff
(This Marro Hivelord's command of the battlefield is supreme. His mere presence on the field inspires even mindless Marro drones to become bolder and more effective. Mounted on his skeletal wulsinus dragon, Su-Bak-Na can survey his surroundings in an instant and fly to wherever his daunting presence is required. There is no way to understand this Marro¹s devious behavior. He may be inclined to stand back and control the field from the rear, or swoop into battle, obliterating all that stand in his way.)

Dawn of Darkness:

  • Kee-Mo-Shi

Marro Warwitch wielding a staff
(From out of the swamps of Durgeth, the Marro witch climbs. She has died, and been reborn, three times now. Kee-Mo-Shi has found immortality! Her Drones recovered a set of emerald amulets, stolen from a caravan sent out by the Archkyrie Ullar. The amulets contained a great magical force, a magic Kee-Mo-Shi tainted for her own use. She has imbued the amulets of Ullar with the power of a dark telepathic art the Marro call Mind Shackle. One of the set of three amulets was destroyed by Sgt. Drake Alexander when he rescued a mind-shackled Raelin from Kee-Mo-Shi's grasp. A high-ranking official of Utgar's army always wears another. That official is tasked with the duty of coming here to Durgeth, and returning Kee-Mo-Shi¹s consciousness, hidden within the amulet, to the Marro Hive so that she can be reborn if ever she falls in battle. The location of the final amulet remains hidden. Kee-Mo-Shi may even now hold the mind of one seemingly loyal Jandarian in her grasp.)

Swarm of the Marro:

  • Tor-Kul-Na

Marro Hivelord riding a giant Marro and wielding a bladed staff
(In the depths of the uncharted swamp, giant predators hunt and devour each other in a never-ending cycle of life and death. Those deadly giants stampede in terror, catching the scent of the Marro Hivelord, Tor-Kul-Na, silently searching the misty layers of undergrowth. The Hivelord leader rides on the back of a formidable-looking, giant Marro, a lesser Marro mentally controlled by Tor-Kul-Na. Moving at monstrous speeds, Tor-Kul-Na routinely and ruthlessly orders its mount to crush enemies. The attacking Marro, normally mindless servants, suddenly become clever and even more deadly as the Hivelord mentally orders them to mass attack enemy troops. In the heat of battle, as the giant Marro rips and slashes its way through the enemy, the awesome power of the giant Marro reveals itself. As the enemy thinks that victory over Tor-Kul-Na is imminent, the giant Marro rises up and begins eating the Marrden Nagrubs that have been gathering. Enemies watch, dazed and filled with new fear, as the wounds on the giant Marro instantly heal.)

  • Marro Stingers

Marro Infantry wielding long stinger rifles
(“Krack Kaw, Krack Kaw, Krack Kaw!!!” These strange sounds fill the Ticalla Jungle long before anyone sees the deadly monsters making the chilling noises. Through the undergrowth of the jungle one sees Marro carrying unusually large heavy weapons. Horror has a new name, as the Marro heavy weapons reveal themselves to be living creatures in the hands of the lesser Marro. “Krack Kaw” is the sound of the fire lightning coming from the metallic mouths of their weapons. The Marro power their weapons with their own life force, sometimes a little too much of it.)

  • Marro Drudge

Marro Tunnellers wielding acid pistols
(A strange sizzling sound fills the Ticalla Jungle, and an acid stench fills the already scent-filled swamp. In the distance, a new type of lesser Marro fires its two pistols. Upon closer look, there are fleshy veins flowing from the body of the Marro Drudge to the creature’s pistols. Its target is one of the giant wasps that inhabit the rivers and lakes of the jungle. Giant globs of deep purple goo rocket out of each pistol. Nasty smells of strong acid fill the air, the wings of the wasp dissolve in the acid shots, and the massive creature falls to the ground from the Drudge attack. If its attack wasn’t enough, the Drudge are very dangerous in swamp water. They seem to emerge out of the Swamp Water from nowhere. There are rumors that areas of the uncharted swamp are filled with nothing but submerged Marro Drudge waiting to attack.)

  • Marro Hive

Living Alien Hive
(Rising up from uncharted swamp, the Marro Hive appears to be a unique feature of the terrain. It isn’t until champions come very close to the living walls of the Hive that they hear it gurgle with life and see its walls erupt with hatching Marro, fully mature and ready to do battle. From a distance, the Hive appears like an odd arrangement of dinosauric bones, green pulsing muscle tissue, and strange bubbling masses of fleshy eggs. But battle erupting around the Hive reveals that this creature is far from a passive nest: It thinks and attacks with a will of its own. The Hive shows its vast intelligence as it speaks telepathically to the lesser Marro, calling them to do its will. This brutal combination of creating and commanding the lesser Marro drives fear straight into the hearts of its enemies.)

Defenders of Kinsland:

  • Grok Riders

Marro Cavarly riding wulsinus grok wielding bone morning stars
(Murky waters stir. Bitter wind knifes through skin and gnaws at bone. Yellow burning eyes glow like embers in the water's shallow depth. Decay lingers in the air. Out of the primordial slime they rise. Their hideous weapons flailing, the clicking snarls of their grinning mounts clamoring, their empty eyes glaring. A wave of death, they pour around their warlord and wash over the field of battle. Rushing, thundering, crashing. Murderous, chittering howls of soulless laughter. Devastation.)

  • Wo-Sa-Ga

A large serpent-like female Hivelord
(The murky swamp planet Marr teams with alien life, its species locked in a constant struggle for survival. From rot and decay, from the putrid slime beneath that world’s watery surface, comes a strange new form of life. Born from death, the marro are soulless killers. They seek always to spread their infection, choking out all other life. The marro are gene-splicers. They’ve engineered themselves into a super-species. They grow organic weapons, and they fuse their organic bodies with refined ore, making themselves into weapons. They’ve produced beings with such supernatural intelligence that they can invade the minds of other living organisms and bring them under their control, while genetically engineering others of their race to be mindless pawns. One of the great successes of the marro’s recombinant technology is the building of the Hivelords. These uber-organisms have few genetic equals in all the known worlds. Wo-Sa-Ga, genetically constructed to mimic the traits of the marro’s viper enemies, is one such success.)

The Marro HiveEdit

The Wulsinu are a race of alien animals in Hasbro's Heroscape game. They have few actual sets of their own but appear extensively as part of Marro sets, their alien masters. This page lists and discusses their figures and the figures that appear as part of the Marro sets. For more information see the external link at the bottom of the page.

The Wulsinu in the Heroscape Universe are non-sentient animals from the planet Marr. They have a connection with the Marro Hive, even resemble them in appearance, and are used as first assault troops by their army. They are also used as beasts of burden and as riding animals and trackers.

Being animals, Wulsinu have no technology.

  • Toys

Wulsinu Sets that have appeared:

Jandar’s Oath:

  • Marrden Hounds

Canine-like Wulsinu that fight with their teeth, claws and deadly Marro Plague (Their bio indicates that they hunt in a wild packs and their movement can range from slow and deliberate, to fast and ferocious if they detect their victims’ scent.)

Swarm of the Marro:

  • Marrden Nagrubs

Rat-like Wulsinu that fight with their teeth and claws (They are used like Earth guard dogs by Marro Hivelords and are extremely loyal, even sacrifing themselves to save the health of their masters.)

  • Other Wulsinus Figures

Me-Burg-Sa rides a swift wulsinu horse into battle.
Su-Bak-Na rides a powerful wulsinu dragon into battle.
The Grok Riders ride wolf-like wulsinu grok into battle.
Other than other wulsinu, only the Soulborgs are immune to the deadly Marro Plague, due to their robotic nature.

The OrcsEdit

The Orc race in the fictional Heroscape Universe is not a fantasy race, but are actually an alien race from the planet Grut. Orcs are six feet tall, blue skinned, black haired humanoids roughly equivalent to humans. So far they appear to be the only sentient race on Grut. Curiously however it appears there are earth-like dinosaurs and ice-age mammals on Grut, whether this mere coincidence or there is a hidden connection between Grut and Earth has yet to revealed.

Grut technology is relatively stone-aged to bronze-age, they fight with spears, swords and bows and wear simple armor and carry simple shields into combat. On their homeworld they appear to be gathered into warring tribes with no central leadership.

  • Toys

Orcs Sets that have appeared:

The Master Set: Rise of the Valkyire:

  • Grimnak

Orcish Champion, riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
(His bio indicates that he is exiled from Grut for nonspecific reason and that Orc Warriors that travel with him are more confident and so make better soldiers.)

Malliddon’s Prophecy:

  • Tornak

Minor Orcish Champion, riding a Velociraptor.
(His bio indicates that while he is a lesser leader of the Orcs, he has gained the respect of both allies and enemies, causing nearby Orc Warriors to become bolder in his presence.)

  • Blade Gruts

Orcish Warriors wielding swords.
(Their bio indicates they are wild and hard to control but when in battle they always follow their leader’s example. But if separated they become confused and less aggressive.)

  • Arrow Gruts

Orcish archers
(Their bio indicates they are trained to work with the Orc Cavalry and are fiercely loyal to them with little concern for their own safety.)

Utgar’s Rage:

  • The Swog Rider

Minor Orcish hero mounted on a Saber-tooth tiger
(His bio indicates that Orc that show great leadership potential are trained to become “Swog Riders” who are held in high esteem of the Arrow Gruts.)

Crest of the Valkyrie:

  • Ornak

An Orc Flagbearer wielding a small sword
(His bio indicates that he often leads Utgar's forces to war.)

Dawn of Darkness:

  • Heavy Gruts

Heavy Orcish Warriors wielding halberds
(Their bio indicates that only the most worthy orcs may become Heavy Gruts)

Nerak’s Return:

  • Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider

Orcish Hero mounted on a Saber-tooth tiger
(His bio indicates he is an Orcish Hero trained to fight in arctic terrain.)

The ZettiansEdit

The Zettian race in the Heroscape Universe are members of the Soulborg species from Alpha Prime. The Zettians are led by a “Deathwalker” a super powerful Zettian fitted with the very best weapon technology. While being the Deathwalker denotes a coveted place in Zettian society it is also a curse, for a Zettian can only remain Deathwalker as long as it always completes its objectives. If it is destroyed or fails in its missions, it is replaced by an even more powerful upgraded version and the older Deathwalker’s life becomes forfeit. If it is not destroyed by its enemies, its own people will melt it down for scrap.

Because of their robotic nature, Zettian technology is highly advanced, especially in the armor and weapons systems. Zettians are famous for traveling in incredibly heavy armor to shield their weak bodies. They are also capable of remotely linking their targeting systems to fellow Zettians for increased range and firepower.

  • Toys

Zettian Sets that have appeared:

The Master Set: Rise of the Valkyire:

  • Deathwalker 9000

Current Zettian Deathwalker
(Like his fellow Soulborgs the Zettian Guards, Deathwalker 9000 is slowed down by his cumbersome full-body armor. His lumbering demeanor may at first deceive those who are unfamiliar with Soulborgs; but they would be ill advised to let down their guard. Deathwalker 9000's armor is impenetrable, and one exploding fireball from his energy blaster can wipe out a cluster of warriors in a nanosecond. To defeat Deathwalker 9000 an enemy must find, by either luck or proximity, one of the few vulnerable areas under his armor plates. Knowing this, Deathwalker often travels with Zettian Guards, programming them for longer attack range as a reward for their loyalty and protection.)

  • Zettian Guards

Zettian wielding chain guns
(Though these fairly small Soulborgs travel slowly and only in pairs, they are not easy targets. Their thick, full-body armor is tough to penetrate, so they often keep advancing despite a barrage of enemy fire. But this defensive edge has its price: the weighty armor slows the Zettians down and affects their aim. To make up for this, they tend to target a single enemy and attack it in quick succession with their laser-powered weapons. An enemy that survives the attack and can find the weakness in their armor has a good chance of defeating a Zettian Guard.)

Orm’s Return:

  • Deathwalker 8000

Previous Zettian Deathwalker
(Its bio indicates that Deathwalker 8000 was the previous Deathwalker that failed in one of its objectives and was replaced by Deathwalker 9000. Before it could be scrapped by its own Zettain followers, Utgar whisked the powerful machine away to serve him in his army. After all, what could be better than two Deathwalkers?

Deadly is the only word that could describe this sentient machine. It is not clear how intelligent it is, but one thing is certain: it is a deadly adversary. The Soulborgs are a strange mixture of metal and reason. Whether that reason is an artificial intelligence or an actual biological one, no one from Valhalla seems to know. The Deathwalker 8000 is just slightly less dangerous than his successor, and a little more vulnerable. Any hit that gets through his shields will neutralize him. However, his ability to rapid fire, sometimes hitting multiple targets, makes him plenty dangerous enough.)

Jandar’s Oath:

  • Deathwalker 7000

Old Zettian Deathwalker
(Its bio indicates that Deathwalker 7000 was destroyed in its last mission and so replaced by Deathwalker 8000. However Utgar discovered its remains and had it reassembled and fitted with a self-destruct mechanism. Unlike later Deathwalkers, Deathwalker 7000 is unarmed; it destroys its enemies with its cold bare metallic hands.

This tricky Soulborg is what one would refer to as a walking bomb, designed to infiltrate an enemy army and obliterate them from the inside. Many a foe has been caught flat-footed with a Deathwalker 7000 in their midst. The result is not pretty. The Deathwalker uses its speed to get right into the middle of opposing forces. It then simply blows up, wounding all surrounding foes, some lethally. The other ability that makes this tin can so dangerous is its resistance to ranged attacks. It has the uncanny ability to simply dodge most missile attacks. This is enough to make even an arrogant Elf like Syvarris cringe.)

Thora’s Vengeance:

  • Deathstalkers

Robotic Zettian Wolves
(A shrill howl rings out through the night air. It sends a chill up the spine of a lone member of the 4th Massachusetts, who pulled guard duty for a small party of soldiers camped on the northern edge of Upper Bleakwoode. The soldier’s eyes dart back and forth, frantically straining to see the source of the sound. A second howl, now louder, reverberates off his ears, the noise somehow as sad as it is frightening. Suddenly, in the space between the surrounding trees, a dozen pairs of eerie red eyes light up. The soldier jumps up to alert his troops, but his warning cries are cut short. The Deathstalkers have claimed another victim. These cold, uncaring creatures once had a will of their own. Some say you can still hear it in their howl: a cry of resistance to the circuits that now force them to do naught but search and destroy. Deathstalkers are the result of Zettian technology fused with Vanhalla wolves, creating dangerous cyborg beasts. If this program was carried out at Utgar's command or if the Zettians did it themselves is unknown.)

  • Deathreavers

Robotic Zettian Rats
(They've sent out the rodents, vile little machines, always seeking, always scratching, always gnawing. It’s not so much the threat of the Deathreavers in and of themselves that incites overwhelming fear, it’s what they bring. The Reavers are sent out as scouts, to crawl into the smallest places, climb over and through the roughly built barriers, and find what they seek.)

Fields of Valor:

  • Warden 816

Robotic Warden from the prison planet Isadora wielding an Evisceraxe. (The Soulborgs are a race of living machines programmed to conquer and take over territory. Fast becoming one of the deadliest killers in Utgar’s army, Warden 816 is unique in his skills and leadership ability. Without emotion, he directs troops into battle. Expecting those he commands to obey his every order, the Soulborg leader is infamous for driving his armies into combat with unusual speed. Their momentum comes more from fear of Warden 816 than from a desire to fight. Armed with the massively powerful Evisceraxe, Warden 816 terrifies nearby enemies, annihilating them with the force of his weapon.)

Note: As Warden 816 is from the planet Isadora, instead of Alpha Prime, it is still unknown if he is a Zettian or a new completely new Soulborg species.

The WerewolvesEdit

The Werewolves in the Heroscape Universe were presumably once Elves, the dominate humanoid species on Feylund. They have swiftly become a major power along with the Undead. At once point they allied with the Elves against the Undead, but upon victory, the Darklord and his Werewolves turned on the Elves and killed many of them.

Werewolf technology appears very similar to Ancient Egypt, although most Werewolves use nothing more but their lethal teeth and claws.

  • Toys

Werewolf Sets that have appeared:

Utgar’s Rage:

  • Khosumet the Darklord

Werewolf King wielding a razor-sharp khopesh
(His bio indicates that he is ruthless, relentless, bloodthirsty and is perhaps the finest example of Utgar's rage. This vicious wolf warrior is also known as Utgar's grim reaper.)

  • Anubian Wolves

Werewolves fighting with nothing but their teeth and claws
(Their bio indicates that the sheer fury of these wild werewolves can make even the most fearless foe's blood run cold.)

Defenders of Kinsland

  • Wolves of Badru

Wolves Wolves that "Pounce" on opposing figures and allow Khosumet the Darklord to take a free turn. Unlike the werewolves, these wolves are normal wolves.

The Undead Edit

The Undead in the Heroscape Universe are presumably formers elves (or those who have fallen in Valhalla) which have been raised as undead. It is not known who raised them or what their original purpose is. A new form of undead that has appeared recently are the Vampires.

The Undead appear to have no technology of their own.

  • Toys

Utgar Undead Sets that have appeared:

Dawn of Darkness:

  • Shades of Bleakwoode

Wraith-like phantoms
(In the heart of Bleakwoode lies a great source of magic. It is rumored to make the trees grow to incredible heights, and to grow dark, move in close to each other, and shut out the light. Foul creatures dwell in the everlasting night they create. The power of perverse creation is so strong in Bleakwoode that some say souls are born in that place- empty, hateful souls. Natives of Valhalla will avoid spending the night in the forests of Bleakwoode at all costs. They warn the foolhardy and the ignorant to beware the Shades of Bleakwoode.)

  • Zombies of Morindan

Presumably Undead Elves fighting with clubs
"Eck tel le sendar, ret kal len condaaaaar!" An evil incantation resonates through the caverns of Morindan. The flickering flame of a hanging lantern throws eerie shadows dancing against the damp stone walls. A frail old shaman, bearing a cloak of dark and tattered feathers, chants in a wraithlike voice. His eyes flutter in the back of his head as he sprinkles the inanimate body laid at his feet with a crimson fluid.

Perched in a barren tree outside the cavern¹s entrance is an aged raven. He cocks his head inquisitively as the peculiar speech of the shaman echoes from the cave¹s opening. Then a new sound is heard: the raven releases a frightened croak as it leaps into the air. An empty moan rings out through the barren valley of Morindan, a foreboding sound, a black prophecy of impending doom. The dead live again!

Fields of Valor:

  • Cyprien Esenwein

Undead Count
(His bio indicates that he is pure evil, and that Utgar considers him a kindred spirit. On his home planet of Feylund his undead army of vampires, zombies and skeletons controls most of Annellintia and all of Morindan. He has also begun drinking from the wellsprings, and has visions of his army joining him on Valhalla.)

  • Sonya Esenwein

Undead Countess
(Her bio indicates that she has sworn her alligence and her life to her husband Cyrrien Esenwein.)

  • Iskra Esenwein

(Her bio indicates that she is a skilled swordswoman and is capable of summoning the Rechets of Bogden, She is also the daughter of Sonya and Crypien Esenwien, presumably before they became vampires.)

  • Marcu Esenwein

Undead Devourer
(His bio indicates that he was cursed by his brother Cyprien Esenwein moments before being summoned by Utgar.)

  • Fiends

(It is unknown if fiends are a kind of undead or merely aligned with them)

  • Rechets of Bogdan

Fiendish Devourers
(Their bio indicates that the Rechet race agreed to serve the Esenwein familey in return for protection from the Elves, Who were seeking revenge for the damage they had doen to the forests of Feylund.)


The Trolticor in the Heroscape Universe are beastmen from Feylund not unlike the Centaurs. However instead of being half man-half horse, these ferocious creatures look like a cross between a troll and a giant lion.

Trolticor technology appears to be very primitive, consisting only of simple weapons.

  • Toys

Trolticor Sets that have appeared:

Orm’s Return:

  • Brunak

Trolticor wielding a large falchion
(His bio indicates that he is a relentless adversary. His attacks are so merciless that he becomes hungry for the blood of his next opponent. This blood lust drives him on until there is no one left but allies on the field of battle.)


The Fiantooth in the Heroscape Universe may be werewolves that were once Trolls, the resemblance is pronounced and normal werewolves are always more powerful when fighting near one. The Fiantooth are trained as sentries on their home planet of Feylund, and now serve Valkyrie General Utgar on Valhalla as guards. Utgar uses them to protect several roads and bridges that lead to important wellsprings.

Fiantooth technology appears to be very primitive, consisting only of simple skin clothing.

  • Toys

Fiantooth Sets that have appeared:

Road to the Forgotten Forest:

  • Dumutef Guard

Fiantooth Guard
(The name “Dumutef” is mystery, no one knows what the word means. Dumutef sentries guard bridges and roads as their fighting power is always increased on the firm paved surface.)


The Trolls in the Heroscape Universe are a minor species from Feylund. They are not counted among the allies of the Elves, Werewolves or the Undead. Krug is currently the only Troll in Valhalla and has allied himself mostly closely with the Orcs from the planet Grut.

Troll technology appears very similar to Earth’s Middle Ages and the Trolls appear to be highly skilled craftsmen.

  • Toys

Troll Sets that have appeared:

Utgar’s Rage:

  • Krug

Troll wielding a giant sword
(His bio indicates that Krug forged his sword, Skelblade, from the armor of the enemies he has defeated and taken in battle.)


The Moltarns in the Heroscape Universe are a minor race from Valhalla. Made of living molten lava, they actually live in the volcanoes and rivers of lava on that planet. It is said that the Moltarns will follow who ever has possession of the Obsidian Stone.

The Moltarns do not appear to have any technology, possibly do to their lava-like nature.

  • Toys

Moltarns Sets that have appeared:

Volcarren Wasteland :

  • Obsidian Guards

Moltarns fighting with their fists and nearby lava
(Their bio indicates that their fearsome appearance is more intimidating than their ability to hurl molten lava at the enemy.)

Fire DrakesEdit

  • Toys

Fire Drake Sets that have appeared:

The Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie:

  • Mimring is a Red Dragon beast capable of breathing fire. He is the worth the least points of the dragons. His bio indicates that Mimring is no mindless minion; he has a keen intelligence, and can communicate with surprising eloquence when it serves him.

Poison DrakesEdit

  • Toys

Poison Drake Sets that have appeared:

Battle for the Underdark:

  • Othkurik The Black Dragon is a young tricky dragon capable of acid spraying several enemies. He is a master of ambush

when in the among swamp and shadows. His attack greatly increases ambushing his query.


The Ninja in the Heroscape fictional Universe are part of the large and diverse Human race from Earth. Ninja are famous for their martial arts skills and their many weapons and most of all for their ability to move soundlessly. Ninja technology appears comparable to Earth’s Middle Ages.

  • Toys

Ninja Sets that have appeared:

  • Isamu

His bio indicates that he is an assassin fighting for Utgar.

  • Isamu

His bio indicates that he is an assassin fighting for Utgar.

Black KnightEdit

Sir Hawthorne was once an honorable member of the Knights of Weston. Lost in his own petty desires for leadership and angrily jealous of his chapter master, Sir Hawthorne opened the gates of their battle fortress and led a besieging host to lay slaughter to the noble Knights.

The Black Knight’s technology is consistent with Earth’s Middle Ages.

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Black Knight Sets that have appeared:

Sir Hawthorne’s Arrival:

  • Sir Hawthorne

Black Knight wielding a sword and carrying a shield
(Nothing else is known about this Knight)


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