Vanessa talks to Farouk AbdulAziz
File:Vaneesa with Farouq Abdul-Aziz.jpg
Release poster
Directed by Roy Battersby
Produced by New Park Produtions
Written by Farouq Abdul-Aziz
Release date(s) 1980
Running time 60 min
Country United Kingdom,Egypt
Language English

Vanessa Talks with Farouq AbdulAziz is a documentary about Vanessa Redgrave,an Academy Award-winning English actress of stage, screen and television, as well as a political activist. It is directed by Roy Battersby.

British veteran actress Vanessa Redgrave is a phenomenon. The documentary "Vanessa Talks with Farouq AbdulAziz" probes the aspects of her success as an actress and as a political woman.

In 1966, she brilliantly debuted her film career . On the other side , as early as in 1962, she ignited a political activity that never faded away.She joined the ban-bomb movement animated by the British philosopher Bertrand Russel. The following two years witnessed Vanessa's great march in big rallies demonstrating in favor of the Vietnamese people in Indo-Chinese Campaign.

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