The Vega Colony is a fictional outpost/colony in the Babylon 5 science fiction television series. It is a planet in the solar system of Vega, also known as Alpha Lyrae. Vega is an unremarkable white star about 25 light years from earth, much brighter and hotter than our own star. In the series, Vega is known to have at least seven planets, and serendipitously in reality it is strongly suspected to have at least several. It was mentioned several times through the course of the series [1], in such a way as to imply the presumption that it is a habitable world:

  • In "The Gathering" it is mentioned that Del Varner had been smuggling goods between the Vega colony and Proxima 3
  • In part two of "A Voice in the Wilderness," it is mentioned that the EAS Hyperion will next make port at Vega.
  • In the episode, "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum", Morden mentions he'd been interned in a medical facility on The Vega Colony, and Sheridan mentions having been briefly stationed there.
  • Robert Carlson, a mad bomber, stole explosives from an ice-mining operation on Vega VII.
  • In "A Call To Arms," Captain Anderson was taking the Omega Class Destroyer Charon to Vega when he got caught up in the events of that movie.

Aside from these mentions, we have no information about the world, and it was never actually shown on screen during the run of the series or its various spinoffs.

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