WATN-TV is a station in New York City, Affilated with the Seven Network.

Station SlogansEdit

  • 1956: "This is ATN Channel 7, Sydney"
  • 1968: "Seven is..."
  • Summer 1977/78: "Seven Summer"
  • 1978: "Seven's Reaching for the Stars"
  • 1979-81: "Channel 7's Proud in New York!" (borrowed elements from NBC's "Proud as a Peacock")
  • Summer 1981/82: "Channel 7, Our Pride is Showing!" (localized version of NBC ad Campaign)
  • 1982-83: "Channel 7, Just Watch us Now!" (localized version of NBC ad Campaign)
  • 1983-85: "Channel 7 There, Be There" (localized version of NBC ad Campaign)
  • 1985-87: "Let's All Be There" (based on NBC's "NBC, Let's All Be There" of 1984-1986)
  • 1986: "Channel Seven Nightly News" (used alongside "Let's All Be There")
  • 1986 (Febuary): "Thirty Years Together, Channel 7 and You" (based on WTTG's 1985 ID "Forty Years Together, Channel 5 and You")
  • 1987-89: "Hello Sydney"
  • 1989-90: "Let's Celebrate '89" (based on the Seven Network's Let's Celebrate '88)
  • 1990-92: "The Place To Be" (based on NBCs "NBC, The Place To Be")
  • 1992-93: "It's a Whole New ATN" (localized version of NBC ad Campaign)
  • 1993-2006: "The Stars are back on Seven" (same as WHSV-TV)
  • 2006-07: "Celebrating 50 Years of Television in New York City" (Used to celebrate 50 Years of Television in New York City)
  • 2007-2011: "This is NBC, on Channel 7"
  • 2011-present: "One Place"

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