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Walk of Fame was a pricing game on the American television game show The Price Is Right. Played from November 4, 1983 through November 27, 1985, it was played for four prizes: one worth between $10 and $100, one worth between $100 and $1,000, and two worth more than $1,000.


The contestant was shown the four prizes and then asked to bid on the first prize within a certain range above or below the actual retail price. If the contestant's bid was within the range, they won the prize and moved to the next item. As the value of each prize increased, the range for bids increased accordingly. The contestant continued pricing and winning prizes as long as their bids were within the specified range for each prize.

If at any point the contestant's bid was outside the range, the contestant lost that particular prize but was given one opportunity to continue the game using two autograph books. Each of the books was filled with the autographs of the show's cast, but one of them also contained the words "Second Chance" stamped inside. The contestant chose one of the books and if they chose the one marked "Second Chance", they continued on with the next prize. Otherwise, the game ended and the contestant left with any prizes they had won (and the autograph book they had chosen). If the contestant's bid was outside the range for the final item, the game ended and no Second Chance opportunity was given.

The ranges for each prize changed for each playing; a $500 range for the last prize of one playing may be $750 on another.


On the game's first playing, three autograph books were offered and only one of them was marked with "Second Chance". The game's debut ended up being lost on the first prize, which had a range of just $10.

After Johnny Olson's death in 1985, the final playings made no mention of signatures; Barker simply revealed whether the words "Second Chance" were found inside the chosen autograph book.


By 1985, it was becoming difficult for Walk Of Fame's ranges to keep up with inflation. Not only was the game becoming hard to win due to this, but Olson's death essentially rendered the autograph-book signatures useless (see above). The game was quietly retired shortly into Gene Wood's tenure as substitute announcer.

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