Warlord (武神, Wǔ Shén, Martial Gods) is the manhua created by the Hong Kong comics artist Tang Chi Hui (Dèng Zhì Huī, 鄧 志徽). It is about the world several thousands of years in the future (AD7000s). The story follows Wu Nan, the young warrior of the Feng tribe to find the Diyu Tao (Way of Hell), the ancient book to find Tianjun Shenwu (Heavenly Warrior God Martial), the ultraweapon of Bai Shu'nan, the first emperor unifying the Earth in the AD5000s. Published by Ocean Creative Company Limited.



The years AD5000s, Emperor Bai Shu'nan unified the world. The Bai clan ruled the world until the AD7000s.

In the years AD7000s, the chaos spreads over the world. Everywhere is filled by violence and murder. There are powerful human beings with the power of Chongtians (1 Chongtian = 10.000 HP) -It's said the most powerful human being had the power of 18 Chongtians. People call them "Wu Shen". One Wu Shen can build for himself a tribe, a country to conquer the others, or travel the world to challenge the more powerful ones. The story follows the young warrior of Feng tribe, maybe the lost child of the Bai Clan, travel to find Diyu Tao, and so as to find the Tianjun Shenwu, the ultraweapon of Bai Shu'nan.


Feng tribeEdit

Ming Tao
Warlord and the master of Wu Nan. He had died before the story begins.
Wu Nan
A general.
Tie Ma
A general.
Ze Bai
Also called Houwang (monkey king). The giant baboon protecting Feng tribe.

Sanyan tribeEdit

San Yan
Also called Tian Kong, Bi Luo. Warlord with a power of 16 Chongtians.
Lie Gao
A commander.
Tie Ma
A general.
Wu Nan
A general.
Que Bao
Has a power of 16 Chongtians.
Bo Zhi Ao
Li Ne

Zhongji Wuliang factionEdit

Now disbanded and divided into the Wu Liang and Zhong Ji factions.

Wu Liang
Warlord and founder of the faction. He learned Zhong Ji's magnetic research power and became powerful. He renamed himself Zhong Ji Wu Liang to memorize Zhong Ji, who he called "master". Has a power of 25 Chongtians.
Zhong Ji
A monk who discovered the magnetic power. Has a power of 50 Chongtians.

Wu Liang factionEdit

Da Hai
Warlord. Power of over 18 Chongtians.
Wu Ji Di
The large white killer whale, guardian of Da Hai.

Zhong Ji factionEdit

Chan Sun
Former warlord. Master of Liu Xing, Tian Sun, Tian Kong and Que Bao.
Liu Xing
Current warlord. Has a power of over 17 Chongtians.
Tian Sun
Has a power of over 16 Chongtians.
Tian Kong and Que Bao
Former members of Zhong Ji faction.

Royal Clan of BaiEdit

Bai Shu'nan
Bai Chou
Current emperor. Has a power of over 20 Chongtians.
Bai Tie Quan
Warlord and 2nd elder brother of Chou.
Bai Wu Shi
Warlord and 3rd elder brother of Chou. Has a power of over 12 Chongtians.
Bai Lu Bao
Warlord and 4th elder brother of Chou.
Lei Qing
Warlord and elder cousin of Chou.
Lei Ao
Younger cousin of Chou.
Jian Long
A general.
Shui Yi
A general.

Other WarlordsEdit

Da Dao
A wanderer who travels to destroy Diyu Tao's books.

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