Warring Adolescents Revenge Division, WARD for short is an organization in The Hardy Boys Graphic Novels.

WARD believes anarchy and chaos are stronger forces for change than justice and they are against everything ATAC tries to accomplish.

The founder of WARD entrusted his daughters, Shira and Nicolina Noir with the organization’s first mission: To frame the two best ATAC agents Frank and Joe Hardy, with murder and then kill them. The Hardys' managed to stop the Noir sisters and turn them over to the ATAC before they could accomplish their mission. But sisters escaped from ATAC and, with the rest of WARD, are still very much at large.

According to Shira there are many agents other than herself and her sister.


Hardy Boys Graphic Novels: Undercover Brothers #7: The Opposite Numbers, ISBN 1-59707-034-3

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