Sir Watkyn Bassett is a recurring fictional character in the stories of English comic writer P. G. Wodehouse. Bassett is a magistrate in the Bosher Street magistrate's court in London and is the father of Madeline Bassett, and thus, in several stories, Bertie Wooster's prospective father-in-law. He is also the uncle and guardian of Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng.

In The Code of the Woosters, it is mentioned that he had once fined Bertie £5 for stealing a policeman's helmet on Boat Race Night and has considered him a thief since. Upon inheriting a fortune from an unnamed relative, he retired from the bench, bought Totleigh Towers, and took up residence there. Bertie was of the opinion that the fortune derived from pocketing fines while a magistrate.

Bassett is a noted collector of antique silver, and his collection rivals that of Bertie's Uncle Tom Travers, causing Bertie, at his Aunt Dahlia's request, to attempt to burgle Bassett's residence, Totleigh Towers.

He is a close friend of Roderick Spode, who is an almost constant presence at Totleigh Towers.

In the television series Jeeves and Wooster, Bassett is portrayed by John Woodnutt. In the television series, he is also the uncle of Florence Craye, although that was not the case in the original stories.

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