A conceptual drawing of the WcDonald's logo.

WcDonald's (various spellings apply) is a fictional restaurant chain (an obvious takeoff on McDonald's) which appears in fictional media, most often anime.

McDonald's, a famous worldwide restaurant, is easily recognized and parodied, with a read mutation existing in "WcDonald's". Its symbol is (not surprisingly) a large golden W; an inverse of the "Golden Arches" that McDonald's uses for its logo. Its name is rarely, if ever, actually spoken. The reason , according to "The Anime Companion", is that the anime companies didn't want to get sued by McDonald's for using their logo, so the anime staff inverted the "M" into a "W" to prevent lawsuits.

To date, the only known anime to explicitly refer to McDonald's itself outside of sponsor announcements is in Here is Greenwood, and then, only orally.

Ironically, the anime series InuYasha is sponsored by McDonald's.[citation needed]

Some form of the chain appears in:

The reversed golden arches also appear on Beavis and Butt-head; they're identified with Burger World.

A Family guy episode is titled McStroke.

Sometimes on The simpsons,they mention or even show them at Mcdonalds.

Other variations of the Mc/WcDonald's name include:

  • NcDonald's, which appeared in Hikaru no Go
  • MacDonald's, which edges closer to the actual name
  • McDowell's, in the film Coming to America, a restaurant that is deliberately trying to copy McDonald's
  • WacArnold's a collection sketches from Chapelle's Show that parodies the McDonald's ads which a young black man named Calvin gets hired as a member of their management team.
  • Magnetron Burger, from the manga Azumanga Daioh. Its logo is the McDonald's Golden arches with a small "G" inside. It does not appear in the anime except for on the side of a paper cup.
  • WcDnald's (and or WacDnld's or Wacdnards), the incarnation(s) used in InuYasha
  • Wedgies, the fast food store that specialises in potato products from the Australian TV series The Wedge
  • Macross Nald's in Super Dimension Fortress Macross.
  • McWuncler's in The Boondocks (after the Wuncler family - Seen in the episode "Let's Kidnap Oprah!").
  • Patchdnald's in Shaman King.
  • McBurgerKong in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. Essentially a McDonalds restaurant with a giant gorilla on is roof, and only one golden arch evocating a banana. An amalgam with Burger King.


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