14, the host of Wheel of Zimmer. He looks the same as 13 does.

Wheel of Zimmer
 is a Zimmer Twins version of the American game show Wheel of Fortune.

The show premiered on January 1, 1970 on NBC-10 and ran through the present. It was broadcast simultaneously on NBC-10, PBS-9 and TV-7.


The gameplay is very similar to the U.S. version, except people aged 6 or older (2 or older for cats) competed for cash and prizes with the eventual winner playing for a grand prize in the bonus round. In Round 1, the red player will go first, Round 2, the yellow player, Round 3, the blue player and so on. Contestants received a prize for solving each puzzle (Prize Puzzle only). The player who solved the puzzle also added the cash to their bank, with the eventual top winner advancing to the Bonus Round. Vowels cost $250.

The WheelEdit

The top values on the wheel were $2,000 in Round 1, $3,500 in Round 2, and $5,000 for Round 3 and beyond.

The HostEdit

The host is revealed to be the announcer on the real game show, but he is shown at the party game show.

Bonus roundEdit

The top winner gets to spin the bonus wheel for up to $100,000 ($1,000,000 if player has the Million Dollar Wedge). The bonus round puzzles had the same category names as the original version. The letters R, S, T, L, N, E were shown in the puzzle, and the contestant was asked for three consonants and a vowel, and then had 10 seconds to solve it.

Set changesEdit

In 1970, the wheel had a Start button, in which if the contestant presses it, the wheel spins. There were also some random amounts.

In 2010, the wheel's random amounts are now multiplied by about 100 or 1,000 dollars. The start button was also removed.

In 2013, the set now has normal settings.

Mystery WedgeEdit

There are 2 Mystery Wedges. One is hiding $10,000, and the other is hiding a Bankrupt. In the first Mystery round, the wedge has $500, but in the rest, it has $1,000.

Wedges that are removedEdit

  • The prizes are removed from the wheel.
  • There are no $0 spaces.

​Million Dollar winnersEdit

  1. Eva Zimmer (Monsters University Special)
  2. 19 Zimmer (14's Wheel of Zimmer Party)
  3. Edgar Zimmer (Monsters University Special) (Biggest winner in history, winning $3,265,741)

​International VersionsEdit

There is a U.S. version after Wheel of Zimmer arrived at Canada called Wheel of Fortune.

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