"Whiny Bitch" is a Moon Man single released to youtube in 2015. It is a diss track toward Haseeb2, who makes a brief appearance in the song. Snipars makes a more substantial contribution to the song, also dissing Haseeb2. In the first verse, Moon Man reminisces over the early stages of his rap career, namedropping his classic hit "Notorious KKK" as well as the lesser-known "Navy Seal".

At the beginning of the song, Moon Man dedicates the track to Little Moon Man.

This song appears as track 5 on Great White. The song is also featured on the upcoming album Straight Outta Ferguson.

Lyrics Edit

This is a phatass track dedicated to Little Moon Man You're my brother and have always been there for the Triple K Mafia

Let's roll I remember once way back in the day When you went to go see AC/DC play The shit was crazy, and all the blacks were lazy But throughout my childhood, it wasn't that easy And man, I remember my first solo work Shit that was cheesy Back to the start I went from betting on bingo to riding up in limos My first big gig was at Woodstock Where I said fuck to the glamrock You know, it ain't cool when you're made out to be a fool Because of political shit Despite the fact That you had a big hit "Notorious" for real "Trained Gorilla" and "Navy Seal" It is forgotten How you dug my oldschool shit But the new shit is nothing For those without a beat better prepare to take the heat Goddamn you Haseeb You old fucking jew who didn't dig the new Out with the old and back I grew Gaining in popularity But you didn't dig the new shit And still claim to be into Serenity What the hell are you all about, punk? Ripping it into my old funk And censoring in the new punk You best step back you Mahatma-Gandhi-looking fuck Because you step wrong, and then you're shit out of luck

[Haseeb2] My whole life revolves around that And you don't like what I say, I don't like what you say I don't like the videos you people post

[Snipars] What the fuck is up, y'all It's Snipars on this track Haseeb you're wack And even if you are half-black You still act like that Moon Man got big by rapping about nigs And all you did was weep, moan, and cry like a bitch So here's a cure for the itch We got those phatass beats and rhymes You could only dream of in your best and worst times If you want us to treat you as equal then stop committing crimes Shit is easy when you really think about it Oh wait, now he's throwing another fit Go fucking figure He lingers around the sites Waiting for us to rant about killing the kikes What a life you've got there, Haseeb Maybe you stalk another woman in hopes of planting your seed But that's all for me This is all you need Another dope rapper letting you know that no one is as wack as Haseeb Peace

Cut, clip, and done I'm fucking done Fuck off, nigger jew bitch fucking kike piece of shit We gave you a chance and you blew it away Now it's time to the piper to pay We're not gonna do it your way So get down on your knees and start to pray We're gonna find you and slaughter you like it was Judgment Day And leave your corpse rotting on the highway Is that threat? No, it's a promise Now go, get the fuck out Leave us alone

[Snipars] Snipars

Triple K Mafia Triple K Mafia Mac Tonight Ice fucking cold Ice fucking cold