"White Cold Killa" is a single from early in Moon Man's rap career. It appears on the Miscellaneous mixtape.

Sun Man and an unnamed jewish woman each rap one verse in the song, in opposition to Moon Man.

Lyrics Edit

Hey guys it's Moonman here Today I'm rapping about niggers, spics, and jews And how I will kill all of them brutally Vote 5 you queers

I fuck niggers in the butt They ain't getting their welfare They be like what? Still killing jews If I had to choose Iwould kill every nigger like a madman The media is still calling me a bad man All you minorities can ride my dick All you niggers say it is too thick Triple K Mafia Are still killing niggers Somalia Indians are red, smurfs are blue Niggers are black, you know that's true Big lips and kinky hair Still living on that good old welfare

[Sunman] I hate White people who stop me from stealing their stuff And bring in the popo who put me in the handcuff Now I'm jail, cannot post bail Leaping out of a metal pole while being fucked in my asshole

Where did this nigger come from? The only thing he is good for is cleaning my room Every single nigger is a golddigger You africans can solve your own hunger problem Moonman is so fucking awesome Still kicking it with Ben Garrison When I kill niggers, people consider me a good Samaritan String up a nigger with a rope That will teach them to stop smoking dope Triple K Mafia going to Baltimore They say the KKK is too hardcore Smack a kike whore I can't deal with spics anymore I'm gonna kill every taco Bring the KKK to El Paso Shutting down every Taco Bell Putting you spics in Hell I can't understand your mexican gibberish You spics reek like fish You haters says that the KKK is filled with dicks You belong in Hell with all the spics How is your mommy? I haven't seen her since she gave me some hot coffee All nigger babies have rabies Give all you niggers an std They be stealing KFC From you and me Welcome my fellow nigger slayers Kill any chickenwing-eating players Too busy airstriking at aloha waterboard niggers with Coca-Cola You niggers can't hold a gun properly I liked when niggers were White man's property

[jew bitch] Moonman why do you have to make fun of us jews? It is up to us which religion we choose Please change the way you rap Or else you may end up taking a permanent nap

When you be sleeping niggers be out and be creeping They are so dark you can't see them, so that is why you have to kill them Every single one, I'm fucking done During the day I think they are a shadow Niggers try to steal my piano Use my nine to put a dent in every nigger's spine KKK gonna show you niggers in Baltimore what it was like in the 1920s You jews be losing your shit over fucking pennies Damn you fucking taco-munchers The KKK are some fine nigger-crunchers You niggers from the Black Panther party are nothing compared to the KKK army I wish I could fire a nuke at every fucking spook I liked it better when you were a cotton-picker Now all you do is bicker I wish I could drown every nigger who looks up to Michael Brown I'm gonna burn down every single KFC When I come to Africa, you niggers better not bother me I wish there was a nigger concentration camp Here you niggers, have a food stamp Moonman lights up the sky like George Zimmerman lit up Trayvon Martin When the cops are coming, I see all you niggers darting Flushing your cocaine down the toilet To get to KFC you niggers go through a gauntlet

Triple K Mafia and Moonman telling you niggers, spics, and jews to go kill yourself before we find you It will make our jobs easier Vote 5 or fucking kill yourself