"White Era" is the title track of Moon Man's White Era EP. The song ushers in a new, White era.

Lyrics Edit

PE Productions The White Era is upcoming This song is for every immigrant in our White countries

Niggers, jews, arabs, kikes Spics, nig nogs, dune coons, feminists Triple K Mafia Yeah

Call me Moonman First I start to bomb dune coons in Afghanistan Like in 9/11 I defeat your terror plan

I was standing with my rifle at the roof Bush did 9/11, I got the proof If any bitch stands in my way I have to say, No one can stop the KKK

More than ten niggers Get lynched on my birthday Kikes get gazed Why they are running away

Youtube strikes I don't give a fuck I don't give a damn about your race Don't you ever stand up to the White master race

You too will be gassed as soon Palestinians are living in a fucking sand dune When I pull the trigger Only into this nigger coon

"Allahu akbar" means "I am a terrorist" That's the truth You don't got the cleverness The level is too high for arabs' brains

Dune coons are gonna blow theirself up Are you a Nazi? For sure ya I do it all for the KKK

If you try to escape I will catch you anyway I put niggers underground without a sound

Gassing some jews The race war has began KKK Nigger babies I don't give a fuck

Every White should join the Ku Klux Klan Now every nigger will be shoot in this place You can't do anything Against the White master race

All this stupid feminazis gonna die instantly We will use their bones in the white industry Feminists don't deserve to have any rights Fuck every feminazi whore which can't even spell "Moonman"

Acid their faces as fast as I can Donald Trump is doing it correctly Give me ten minutes then she can suck Every feminist is ugly as fuck

Pull the trigger A flying bullet through her head Killing three feminigger Now they are dead

Everything you said, you will pay for I am sure you never had sex And if you have, I ask you Where is your ex?

I will open the gas chamber For every femiwhore You feminazis haven't any rights And that what you should know

What's the time? Oh wait It's time again to blow The White race should hang every feminazi whore

The train to Auschwitz is coming at 8 I meet your mom and fuck on the first date Donald Trump America will be great

After the New Era America will be a slave state No spics, no jews It's time to celebrate

You say Moonman is taking it too far Don't be so stupid and the nigger you are I fuck your mom in the backseat of my motorcar She said I fucked her like a pornostar


Go back to Mexico I hate you the same way I hate eskimo Leave the US alone We will build a killing zone

Kikes are faggots We do not need more maggots A 9mm in the back of your head I won't stop till these niggers are dead

Build the wall After I shoot at you, you're gonna crawl Vote Trump, vote him for me There won't be any more immigrants, you will see

And now the jews

I will drive the train to Auschwitz for free Refugees will drown in the sea I sell dope and LSD Everyone hates you in reality

The ovens are ready for putting you in The gas chambers are the beginning Berlin I hate all arabs and jews goddamn it My face looks like half a planet

Jews gonna die Immigrants why You coming to us With taking the bus

Go back to home I wish every immigrant gets the Down syndrome Moonman is in the sky letting you know That the thought of burning niggers make my dick grow

Moonman is back, selling this track I hope none of you bitches is black Dune coons Stop with pussy terror attack

I don't care about negative feedback Now your bomb's gonna mack

Moonman White Era I'm out

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