"White Man's Delight" is Moon Man's remix of "Shit Is Real" by Epidemic. It focuses on killing jews and niggers, and it also mentions spics and sandniggers in passing. Sun Man is an antagonistic guest rapper in it.

This song had two others ("Whites Unite" and "Nigger Slayer") appended after it to form the "Whites Delight Trilogy", which appears on The Lunatic. A live recording of "White Man's Delight" without the rest of the trilogy appears on Live At the Reading Festival.

Lyrics Edit

You're listening to The Lunatic

Moonman coming at you once again Get lynched motherfuckah

Bitches might get stitches But at least the White folk know how to rap Know where it's at Moonman and his KKKrew coming for the jews and niggers too Those baboons with their monkey lips try to say they're innocent But the White man can see through their shit-eating grin And brown-as-garbage ashy skin KKK White Power fuckers

Spics and sandniggers trying to tell me

[Sunman] Stop it Moonman You don't understand If you step foot in my hood I'll fuck you up real good

Haha I've been gassing jews since '42 They tried to hide their gold But it'll holocost them a lot Moonman speaks the truth Watch me unload a cap or two on these jews Ooga booga bitches Don't get it twisted I'm out

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