Windam (ウインダム Uindamu?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultra Seven. Windam appeared in Episodes 1, 24, and 39. This monster is Ultra Seven's Capsule Monsters.

Subtitle: Capsule Monster (カプセル怪獣 Kapuseru Kaijū?).

Ultra Seven Edit

History Edit

The first of the three Capsule Monsters used by Ultra Seven, Windam was an imitation of a giant life form from planet Metal.

Windam made his debut appearance in the first episode, fighting against a squad of saucers by the Kuruu Aliens, he managed to destroy a few of them, but he was forced back into his capsule when the saucers began to burn his body.

Windam was put into action once again to destroy the base of Alien Kanan, but the alien placed him under hypnosis and ordered him to attack Ultra Seven instead. Ultra Seven did his best to tire out his Capsule Monster and managed to break the hypnotic spell on Windam. Windam was sent to attack the base again, but was once again called back once Alien Kanan used a stun ray to knock him unconscious.

Windam was used one last time when Alien Guts came to kill Ultra Seven. Dan summoned Windam to defeat the invaders. Shockingly, the Guts Aliens used their saucer to fire a beam that engulfed Windam in flames, destroying the Capsule Monster. It is unknown if Windam was repaired at M78 or not after Ultra Seven defeated Alien Guts, but Windam would be greatly remembered by his master as a heroic monster.

Height and Weight Edit

Miclas is 40 meters talls 23,000 tons.

Heisei Ultra Seven Edit

This monster reappeared in the series 「Ultra Seven - The Day the Fruit Ripens」「Ultra Seven - I Am an Earthling 」 and was again one of Ultra Seven's Capsule Monsters.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

After Bogal was destroyed, a second Maquette Monster was created for GUYS after Miclas's "failure." Just like Miclas, he was based on another Capsule Monster from Ultra Seven's time, Windam. Windam was first used to attack Dinozaur Reverse and while he didn't win the fight, he took orders without hesitation or problems. Therefore, more work was put into making Windam more stronger and more capable of a fighter, including the use of mind control on the robot, but that plan was sabotaged when Earthtron and Kelbeam attacked the control site.

Eventually after the series of experiments, Fire Windam was created. With a flamethrower-type appendage attached to his left hand, Windam was enhanced with fire attacks based on Zetton (from Ultraman,) Pandon (from Ultra Seven,) and Black End (from Ultraman Leo.) From that point on just like Miclas, Windam would be used again by GUYS whenever there was a monster attack and if neither GUYS nor Mebius were their to help. Windam would go on to battle other monsters such as: Insectus, Yapool, Zetton, Roberger, and Glozam.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

When the monsters, Dorako, Bemstar, and Saramandora were unleashed by Alien Shaplay to ambush the remaining Ultra Brothers. They were met by surprise by Dan's Capsule Monsters; Windam, Miclas, and Agira. Windam fought Saramandora.

After Rei and Mirai (Ultraman Mebius's host) were rescued, Windam destroyed Saramandora with his Forehead Shot.

NOTE: Seeing as these were Dan's original Capsule Monsters, it was finally revealed that Windam was repaired after being destroyed by Alien Guts.

ja:ウインダム (ウルトラ怪獣)

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