Woo (ウー Ū?) is a fictional, yeti-like, supernatural monster from the 1966-1967 television series Ultraman.

Although the character itself was an original creation for the show, the name however, was a holdover from an earlier, unproduced concept, about a corporal alien visitor. The unmade concept would ultimately become a fully realized program in 2006's Bio Planet WoO, while the same-named monster of this article would return in other entries of the Ultraman franchise.

Woo's character subtitle is Legend Monster (伝説怪獣 Densetsu Kaijū?), and made its debut in episode 30 of Ultraman, The Phantom Snow Mountain (February 5th, 1967). Outside its own natural strength, Woo has the ability to cause great blizzards.


Despite a strong resemblance to a long-haired yeti, Woo is actually the manifestation of a human spirit; particularly the mother of girl named Yuki. Hiding in the mountains of Iida-yama in Niigata Prefecture, Woo only emerges when called by her daughter Yuki, usually to protect her from the hostile locals, who superstitiously refer to the girl as Yukinko (Showy Child, as in child-like snow-spirit).

The sightings of Woo attract the Science Patrol, who come to the scene to investigate, but they are constantly obstructed by Yuki herself. Unfortunately, an unrelated and accidental death of a tourist in the area leads the locals to lay the blame on Yuki, and they form a mob to chase her down. Their actions cause Woo to appear, and because Yuki is in particular danger, Woo retaliates against the villagers in a vicious manner never before seen.

Science Patrol member Hayata transforms into his giant alter ego Ultraman to battle the monster. Ultimately though, Woo calms down and stops rampaging, after a desperate plea from Yuki, and then fades away, likely to find peace in the hereafter. Fittingly, the nearby ski resort, the main source of income for the cruel locals, is destroyed during the final battle between Woo and Ultraman.

Woo's height is around 40 Meters tall, though it weighs 0 tons, perhaps because of its ghostly origin.

Ultra Fight Edit

Reappeared alongside the monster Gomora.

Ultraman AceEdit

Woo returns in episode 42 of Ultraman Ace, Mystery! The Resurrection of Monster Woo. And is extended to 57 Meters in height, but remains 0 Tons in weight.

With a new mountain-dwelling monster named Iceron on the loose, attacking TAC (acronym for Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew) and threatening several locals, one such individual, a small boy, manages to summon Woo.

Woo then goes on to battle Iceron, but is quickly beaten and sent falling down a hill. Unable to fight further, Ultraman Ace steps in to save the day, and Woo disappears once again upon Iceron's defeat.


Woo also appeared in the 1972 Redman tokusatsu series.

Ultraman 80Edit

Woo makes a brief appearance in episode 46 of Ultraman 80, even though the main story revolved around the human-looking alien magician named Marjin, and the resurrected Red King, now dubbed Re-Red King.

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