{{ 2009}date=May 2009}} The series has been published since 2009 by the Educator Publishing Service. There are two divisions of the books.

List of Wordly Wise books Edit

Wordly Wise 3000 seriesEdit

[[Image:WW3000.jpg|thumb|Wordly Wise 3000, grade delisios.

        and then you have to circle it then right the hole sentence below on the line.

B is something that is like, Charlie showed people how to do stuffin his old classroom. then in the bold you have to right the right word above. In C it says which of the following is ______something and then circle the right answers. On D there can be lots of varieties of things and E is a passage with 15 questions you have to answer.

  • Wordly Wise 3000-Kindergarten
  • Wordly Wise 3000-(grades 1 through 12)

The newest series as of 2008 is the 2nd edition.

Wordly Wise 2nd Edition Books Edit

Books 2, 3 of the second edition books have 10 words per lesson and 15 lessons in them. They all have 5 sections in them.

Books 4-12 each have 15 words in each lesson. There are 20 lessons in the book. (300 words per book) Each lesson has 5 sections in them. A Review is within every 4 lessons in the book.

Wordly Wise Book 2 Edit

Lesson 1: calf, claw, couple, cushion, flap, groom, share, shelter, yard, zero

Lesson 2: accident, acrobat, alarm, bounce, enormous, gap, scoop, support, tangle, weigh

lesson 3: antenna, balance, boulder, cliff, joint, machine, motor, muscle, planet, slope

Lesson 4: ape, brain, branch, caver, chimney, dozen, flame, net, spear, torch

Lesson 5: absorb, anchor, brush, bud, center, core, factory, hive, sapling, trunk

Lesson 6: cone, cube, earth, fern, fuel, grain, lizard, miner, present, seam

Lesson 7: badge, banner, corner, design, display, fold, parade, rectangle, salute, tread

Lesson 8: aquarium, cage, club, faucet, flood, gift, icicle, imitate, pearl, valley

Lesson 9: aboard, blast, career, cautious, girder, invent, rotate, story, strand, tower

Lesson 10: astronomy, besides, crater, degree, diameter, gaze, gravity, reflect, telescope, universe

Lesson 11: atlas, aware, boar, equator, fang, fierce, hoof, journey, local, rare

Lesson 12: arch, attention, award, collapse, demolish, excess, outline, sculpture, spade, utensil

Lesson 13: bustle, channel, connect, empire, mention, peak, scholar, settle, vehicle, zigzag

Lesson 14: adult, clump, curious, gratitude, herd, newcomer, plain, stalk, tusk, wealthy,

Lesson 15: base, din, discard, dome, gallon, instrument, luxury, mallet, skill, slight

Wordly Wise Book 6 Edit

Lesson 1: affection, appeal, clasp, conspicuous, contribute, declare, eloquent, exhibit, ferry, immigrant, lofty, pedestal, persecute, poverty, unveil

Lesson 2: arrogant, boycott, campaigh, ceremony, custody, degrade, detain, extend, integrate, segregate, supreme, triumph, vacate, verdict, violate

Lesson 3: Abundant, arid, distrinct, graze hectic, horde, humid, incredible, inhabit, peninsula, rural, sanctuary, splendor, squalor, terrain

Lesson 4: aloft, attain, buffet, elude, flammable, hover, inflate, jeopardy, moor, plummet, pollute, propel, stationary, superb, swivel

Lesson 5: antic, attire, captivate, deft, diligent, eclipse, evolve, innate, inscribe, posture, shroud, stifle, tentative, tranquil, versatile

Lesson 6: Apparel, appreciate, continuous, dissolve, domesticate, emerge, fiber, function, hatch, inhibit, minute, motion, sheathe, shed, transfer

Lesson 7: Brawl, casual, constant, excel, exhaust, hardy, mediocre, monotonous, originate, punctuate, ravenous, realistic, soothe, stampede, vereran

Lesson 8: accompany, beneficial, captive, convenient, ecstasy, expanse, expedition, inept, interpret, invaluable, linger, retrieve, skirmish, supplement, territory

Lesson 9: accumulate, aggravate, conserve, contaminate, diminish, drastic, extravagant, frugal, impurity, peril, perpetual, resource, substitute, sustain, vital

Lesson 10: anticipate, bankrupt, brief, brisk, budget, compete, complicate, effect, err, factor, fad, gripe, knack, leisure, unique

Lesson 11: abbreviate, appropriate, exclude, fanciful, futile, grudge, inspire, majority, persevere, possess, prejudice, resolute, sneer, unanimous, unruly

Lesson 12: abandon, adversary, baffle, blunder, colossal, detect, haul, overpower, rejoice, scoff, sentinel, siege, sinister, victor, woe

Lesson 13: Adapt, deplete, efficient, fatigue, gait, glare, habitat, oblivious, outmoded, prominent, quench, rigor, sear, transport, wend

Lesson 14: benevolent, consent, descreet, engross, esteem, exaggerate, extensive, fantastic, intrique, marvel, mission, opportunity, relinquish, tyrant, vanquish

Lesson 15: analyze, apprehensive, coinside, compose, disk, envelop, exist, extraordinary, fuse, mere, revolve, scale, solar, trace, velocity

Lesson 16: Awe, catastrophe, collide, consquence, deceive, fatality, improvise, loom, lull, placid, predicament, priority, reinforce, stern, treacherous

Lesson 17: corrode, debris, elated, exploit, leeway, miniature, mobile, onset, ooze, pathetic, preliminary, quest, restrain, salvage, scour

Lesson 18: abroad, anguish, commence, commend, controversy, cordial, dissent, earnest, elicit, exhilaration, genuine, hoax, manipulate, recount, skeptic

Lesson 19: breach, clammy, contruct, elaborate, fragrant, furnish, haven, install, massive, repel, restore, retaliate, stench, strew, vicinity

Lesson 20: bluster, council, dwell, exterminate, fee, garment, infest, insist, paltry, peculiar, rash, revenge, rodent, swarm, vat

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