Worvine Acadamy is a fictional private school on the PBS Kids program, Maya and Miguel. It was founded by Laura Worvine Arlington, Andy's mother. The school is very fancy and most of the students come from upper class families. Andy comments on a season 5 episode on going to this school. It offers tennis, golf, polo, and swimming. The school cook is Wolfgang Puck and every teacher has a Ph.D. Laura hires a Harvard professor to run the school. The school gym has Olympic trainers to keep the students in shape. Andy has described the school as a litte snooty.


Worvine Acadamy was actually founded long ago in 1802 by Andy's ancestor, Nigel P. Arlington. It started out as a school for African American slaves and Native American children. They were educated by the finest and most exclusive teachers in the world. The school was near Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1892, the school had a fire and was completely burned down. However, the school got rebuild in 1905 and was transformed into a private school that only accepted white students. The school featured fine dining in haute cuisine and a very affluent fashion design course. It was all destroyed by a tornado in 1965. It was again reopened to include all races in 1998. The 1998 school is the current school of the 3.

Fauna Club

Andy also mentions that his former school having a diverse plethora of animals. Many of them are exotic and spoiled. The fauna club has many species of birds, alligators, geckos, tigers, chinchillas, and many insects. The fauna club has been interviewed for the amazing collection by numerous news networks and given many animal awards. Laura has commented that the fauna club is the home of the world's best and rich animals.

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