"Wrap-up" is the outro to Moon Man's This EP is Illegal. It is a remix of "Insomniac Olympics" by Blockhead.

Lyrics Edit

Time for this klansman to wrap up this shit Concluding a session of the truths I spit But before I make like a banana and split I'm here to tell you to never quit

See you have to follow the lead of Jefferson Davis But ending spooks isn't enough for the White oasis You have to kill jews on a daily basis Because one day the Moon will be on hiatus

Every coon slayer needs a day to relax There will be a time when I'm not murdering blacks So I'm counting on you to pick up the slack And crank the genocide all the way to the max

You all have the potential to be the next Moonman Rising through the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan Slaughtering the non-Whites and Never giving a damn

Go live life the best you can And kill everyone whose skin is black or tan This is Moonman signing off

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