"Yes, YOU Can Meet Moon Man!" is a McDonalds commercial that aired on television in the late '80s, near the end of the golden era of Moon Man's career as McDonalds mascot Mac Tonight. It was produced by BigX. Moon Man himself appears briefly and speaks a single line, which contains profanity and is itself a death threat to the viewer's family, and then sings his catchphrase "It's Mac Tonight!" Due to the controversial line, Nancy Reagan successfully pushed for the FCC to tighten broadcasting regulations, and the commercial was banned in the US. This stunt was part of the increasingly erratic behavior that led to Moon Man being dismissed from the Mac Tonight role, although he would return to the role in later years.

The audio of the commerical appears as an interlude on track 22 of Singles: Volume 5.

Lyrics Edit

[narrator] At McDonalds all over the Bay Area, the Moon Man will be serving up fun for everyone! Maybe he'll even teach you to dance the Mac Tonight Trot! Bring the whole family for lots of fun! Just watch Coffee Stereo TV 20 or listen to Coffee 1050AM for all the details! So don't miss out on all the excitement!

Get the fuck to McDonalds, or I will kill your family. It's Mac Tonight!

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