Ann Louie Li "Ann" Li (Chinese: 李易栓) (born January 17, 1995) is a 15-year-old originally from Taiwan, who appeared in a Philippine Reality TV Show. She topped the last race to Big Night[1] but she was evicted on Day 75, the Final Evictee of the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010.[2]


Ann was born in Thailand but grew up in the Philippines. Her mother is Taiwanese-Chinese while her father is Filipino-Chinese [3] She is home-schooled but her mother concentrates more on her practical skills such as ballet, jazz and figure skating.[4][5]

She is also known as the Diligent Daughter of Taiwan.[6] She led her housemates in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 in winning the Fashion Show challenge.[7]

Her diligence did not just end inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. When she got out, she made an online auction of her yellow bunny hoodie[8] and pink skirt. The money out of these will be given to Lola Vita and Lola Lourdes, the two elderly people who visited the Pinoy Big Brother house.[9]


Year Title Role Network
2010 ASAP XV Herself ABS-CBN
2010 Simply KC Guest ABS-CBN
2010 Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 Housemate ABS-CBN

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