The Yuli are a fictional race from the sci-fi Star Control computer game series. Despite being one of the seven founding member races of the Sentient Milieu, they are perhaps the one we know the least about: there has so far been no information divulged about them other than their name from the few historical fragments which remain of the Milieu period. The only thing we know for certain is that they, along with the Drall, were considered inferior by their Dnyarri slave masters, and ordered destroyed by their psychically-compelled Milieu allies, the Ur-Quan and Mael-Num.

The only known race to have communicated with the Yuli (and the rest of the Sentient Milieu) are the ancient Slylandro, although data regarding their physical appearance, culture, or homeworld location has yet to be divulged and remains a mystery.

Yuli is also the name of an ancient city-state located on the Silk road in the Tarim Basin, present day Xinjiang, China.

Yuli, short for Yuliah Bauchita, is the pseudonym used by Illinois writer Casey Harmon. 32px-Nuvola_apps_kasteroids.png This article about a fictional element in a video game is a stub. You can help by expanding it.

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