The ZF 1 Pod Weapons System is a fictional weapon in the movie The Fifth Element. The weapon, produced by equally fictional Zorg Industries, is a hybrid of a smartgun assault rifle, mini-missile launcher, flamethrower, net-launcher, dart gun, and what appears to be a liquid nitrogen sprayer. It also has a self-destruct device built into it as demonstrated when a curious Mangalore warrior presses an illuminated red button which triggers an explosion.

The weapon features prominently in the movie in which there is a long scene in which Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg (played by Gary Oldman) demonstrates the ZF 1 to a group of Mangalore warriors. When he learns that the Mangalores failed to collect the four elements, he refuses to give them any weapons in exchange for their efforts. Seemingly persuaded by their threats of violence, he offers them a crate of weapons as he leaves his office.

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The Zorg Industries ZF-1 Pod Weapons System was based upon an AKSU-74 compact assault rifle.

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