Zetton (ゼットン Zetton?), sometimes spelled "Z-Ton", is a fictional alien kaiju featured in the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. As Ultraman's toughest opponent ever, Z-Ton first appeared in the show's final episode, #39, "Farewell, Ultraman". He was even popular enough to appear again in several subsequent Ultra Series.

Subtitle: Space Dinosaur (宇宙恐竜 Uchū Kyōryū?).

"Zetton" is also the name of the planet from which he originated, as well as the aliens (Alien Zetton) that utilize him.

Ultraman Edit

Statistics Edit

Zetton is 60 meters tall and weighs 30,000 tons.

Zetton is said to be the most powerful monster in the universe. He resembles a giant horned humanoid beetle with a glowing yellow streak down his face (in lieu of a mouth), striped yellow black limbs and powerful black armor plates on the torso. Zetton possesses several strange locations for sensory organs: The yellow panels on Zetton's chest are thought to be compound eyes. Where eyes are on most creatures, Zetton has two sensory pits, thought to emit sonar or radar signals. Where ears would normally be are sensors that acquire the reflected signals. Zetton shoots 1-trillion-degree-Celsius fireballs from his mouth, shoots white energy waves from his hands (but only after absorbing an enemy beam attack), can create a force field, and can absorb Energy attacks.

Zetton's roar is a series of beeps and a low pitched voice that utters "Zet-ton!" Everytime Zetton gets hit he utters "Ton"

History Edit

In the show's tearful conclusion, an armada of alien ships arrive, plotting to conquer the Earth, and their plan was surely an effective one, almost succeeding where Ultraman's previous adversaries have failed. The aliens target the Science Patrol Headquarters and Ultraman, the only obstacles in their conquest. However, the Science Patrol chases and eliminates all but one of the alien vessels. Adding to the Science Patrol's difficulties, one alien infiltrates the headquarters and subdues Doctor Iwamoto. This alien (Alien Zetton) then shapeshifts to disguise itself as Doctor Iwamoto, knocks out Science Patrol team member Fuji, and sabotages much of the Science Patrol's communication equipment and scientific instruments. The Science Patrol eventually chases down the alien and kills it. Doctor Iwamoto and Fuji manage to recover. The one ship that evades the Patrol emerges from being burrowed underground and surfaces just outside of Science Patrol Headquarters, releasing Zetton to finish the job. Hayata transforms into Ultraman for one last time.

Ultraman and Zetton battle but Zetton easily withstands each of his attacks until Ultraman falls, his Color Timer was damaged by Zetton after absorbing and redirecting his own Specium Ray. Ultraman falls unconscious and, left prone on Earth's surface, faces the prospect of dying without direct stellar radiation to revive him. Zetton proceeds to set fire to Science Patrol Headquarters. However, Doctor Iwamoto presents a newly-developed weapon, and with it, Science Patrol member Arashi succeeds in destroying the Zetton. The Science Patrol douse the charred remnants of their headquarters.

With Ultraman at death's door, he is suddenly saved by his superior, Zoffy, who comes to Earth in a Travel Sphere to rescue him. He not only restores Ultraman's life, but separates him from Hayata's body, restoring the Earthling's life as well. Zoffy and Ultraman then fly back to their home world on the Land of Light in the Nebula M78.

However, Zetton was brought back to life as a pawn against Ultraman and his kind in some of the subsequent Ultra Series.

The Return of Ultraman Edit

This monster reappeared in the series The Return of Ultraman as Zetton II.

Alien Bat revived Zetton to have him aid him in his invasion of Earth, knowing of the fear that Ultras now carry from Zetton's victory over the original Ultraman. Even Goh Hideki/Ultraman Jack couldn't fight back out of the fearful legacy brought about by Zetton. MAT arrived to attack Zetton but their weapons were powerless. However after gaining enough courage, Ultraman Jack appear to fight both Alien Bat and Zetton. Even though the two aliens overpowered him, Jack continued fighting until he impaled Bat with the Ultra Lance. He then hoisted Zetton up and threw him high into the air, leaving him open to a shot of the Specium Ray, obliterating Zetton and both proved that Zetton could be defeated by an Ultra, as well as ended the unsettled fear between the Ultras and Zetton.

Redman Edit

Zetton II appeared in several episodes of the series Redman.

Ultraman Powered Edit

This monster reappeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.

In this series, Zetton was a machine created by the Alien Baltan to kill Ultraman Powered but was left dormant until he was awoken by another experiment by the Baltans, Dorako. Shortly after Dorako was destroyed, Zetton came to earth and attacked WINR's base. The Military soon arrived to assist WINR, but none of their weapons was enough to even harm the super weapon, who destroyed everything in his sights. Powered revived without Ken'ichi as his host and tried to fight back only to be battered around by Zetton too. Finally after tricking Zetton into turning his back, Powered found an opening and destroyed Zetton with a Mega Specium Ray to his back, but at the cost of his own life.

This version of Zetton is perhaps the most unique design for the monster yet (as are the rest of the monsters in Ultraman Powered too,) This version was designed to be more robotic and possesses giant wing-like appendages on his back. His arms are incredibly thin and he is much taller than Ultraman Powered whereas the original Zetton was more so Ultraman's size

Ultraman Max Edit

This monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Max.

Called to earth by an Alien Zetton, Zetton came to Earth in the form of a blue fire ball and began to rampage through the city he was in. Both Ultraman Max and DASH tried to fight back only to have their attacks be proven futile by Zetton's power and strength. Soon enough, Ultraman Xenon (Max's superior from M78) arrived and fought against Zetton as well. During the fight, Ultraman Max is also presented with the "Max Galaxy," a weapon strong enough to penetrate Zetton's power and with it, Zetton was destroyed by both Xenon and the Max Galaxy.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

In this series, Zetton is one of many prototype Manquette Monsters whom are to be tested in hopes that they will be of useful to GUYS in the future to help defend Japan. However, the capsule that contains Zetton is dropped by accident and is also plugged into GUYS computer network. The accident results in Zetton going out of control as it trys to destroy GUYS's central computer system. GUYS tries to fight back with a Manquette of Ultraman Mebius himself, but the Manquette is confused into attacking with his Mebius Shot, which is reflected back and defeats the Manquette Ultra In Zetton's signature style. Soon enough, the Real Ultraman Mebius enters GUYS's computer network and tries to take care of Zetton himself, only to not realize how tough of an opponent Zetton was. GUYS soon assisted Mebius by sending their Manquette Monsters; Miclas and Windam to help him. Soon enough their combined efforts was enough to delete the out-of-control Zetton.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

In this series Zetton was the last of Kate's evil monsters after her Fire Golza and Gan-Q were defeated by Rei's monsters and the ZAP SPACY. Zetton definitely proved to also be her strongest as well, easily manhandling all of Rei's monsters (Gomora, Litra, and Eleking) without showing much signs of fatigue or physical harm for most of the battle. Rei is forced to surrender in order to save his monsters from death, only to receive the respect of Kate and another rematch with her. Rei and Kate's final battle involved Gomora vs. Zetton to which Zetton clearly had the strength advantage, overpowering Gomora and blocking all of his attacks. However before Zetton could finish him off he was attacked by King Joe Black and the two fought to a stand-still. After a short while, Gomora transforms into EX Gomora and dominates both Zetton and King Joe Black, and in the end King Joe Black is gouged and weakened by EX Gomora's tail and Zetton is destroyed by EX Gomora's Hyper Oscillatory Ray.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

This monster reappeared in the sequel series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In his series, Zetton appears but not as himself. He is conjured up as a hypnotic illusion created by Alien Nackle's Galberos in an attempt to weaken Rei and Gomora from fighting. When it would appear that Gomora was victorious, Zetton would "return" from being destroyed. After a while, both Rei and Gomora weaken for Nackle and Galberos to reveal themselves and the Zetton illusions disappear.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Zetton is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He was killed by Zero in the final battle, and one of the two last monsters to die along with Tyrant.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Rebirth Edit

This monster reappeared in the prequel to Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Although not appearing as himself, Ultraman Mebius and Mecha Zamu must face off against an EX Zetton that acts as the bodyguard to the Giga Battle Nizer in the valley of flames. Although Mehca Zamu is mortally weakened by both the flames that surrounded him and the damage done by EX Zetton, Ultraman Mebius and Mecha Zamu manage to knock EX Zetton off the narrow platform they are fighting on and EX Zetton is destroyed by the flames that surrounded them.


The name "Zetton" is derived from "Zetto" (ゼット - a Japanese pronunciation of the English letter "Z"), "to" (と), Japanese for "and", and the Japanese character for "N" (ん/ン). Collected, the words spell "Zetto-to-n", shortened to "Zetton". The concept has a "final" theme: "Zetto" is the Japanese pronunciation for the final letter of the English alphabet, "Z". "N" is the final letter in the Japanese phonetic alphabet. In other words, Zetton is the "Z" and the "N", the last and final monster.

In video gamesEdit

Zetton is a playable character in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series of fighting games, appearing in all installments except Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. In Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, depending on what conditions are met, Zetton will either be destroyed by the Science Patrol or confronted by Zoffy (either way, the player, as Ultraman, must lose). Attacks include the Meteor Fireball, the Zetton Final Beam (the one-hit-kill counterattack that defeated Ultraman), a choke slam involving both hands, and an attack in which Zetton single-handedly grabs an Ultra-Being or a similar opponent by the ColorTimer and slams him on the ground. Zetton's barrier is the only one where a Cutting Halo will shatter rather than bounce off. Zetton is also a monster card in the arcade game Daikaijū Battle: Ultra Monsters.



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